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I have started writing  this post on 26th April,2020.

Manipulation of Parked domains status

I am reproducing two paragraphs from one of the post from conspiracy blog,

I did move to Bangalore from Patna in April,After July 2010, or so, I did decide not to look for job anymore. At that time my domain parking revenue was 400 USD-450 USD a month. Domains were mainly parked at and Around that time, I wanted to pursue domaining, blogging etc as full time business. Conspirators didn’t want that as my online presence make their life difficult. So, they did manipulate domain parking revenue further.

In November 2011, most of my top 20 domains with visitors were banned by Google (primary upstream provider) at Bodis platform and no other domain was banned from my account on Sedo. Later domains from sedo account was banned as well.

To prove my point that it was not normal banning by Google but intentionally  done to frustrate me, I am going to explain my point by explaining my case with two of the domains that were banned, and

  • Parked domain status for few domains – allows to query status of parked domain in bulk. Please read it. Bodis has a post why a domain may be banned by primary upstream ad provider (Google). I have chosen 7 domains and queried status of them. They are,,,,, and
  • Analysis of banned domain – was registered in 2001. Its dictionary word and generic as well. Previously I had parked the domain with Sedo.In September, 2011, I have parked it on parked it by changing CNAME (It allows Cname change or Name server change).Please refer to traffic of parked domain in Bodis for 2011-2012. had less than 100 visits per month. Domain CTR has declined a lot in November 2011, so most likely domain was banned during that time. faillisted reason is “Spam”. Google bans a domain with status “spam” when  quality of traffic is low! Now consider the fact that domain was parked (on sedo) for years and had traffic less than 100 visitors a month. How come a domain with such a low number of visitors become spam, overnight? Also, my more than, 20 domains were banned almost simultaneously in November 2011, it shows Google has done it intentionally, to frustrate me.Consider another fact about banning, is a parked domain as well. was registered on  on 2008-03-08. is not faillisted . If “spam” in low traffic domain is true, should have been “faillisted” as well.
  • Analysis of banned domain – ganaa is transliteration of Hindi word गाना, it means “song” in English.  गाना can be written in 4 ways using Roman script – gana, gaanaa, gaana and ganaa.,, and all are registered. was registered on 2003-09-14, was registered on 2010-06-19, was registered on 2005-06-21, was registered on 2011-08-08. Please refer domain faillisted by Bodis . and is banned by Google, while and are clean was parked at (not mine) sedo and was bought by Times of India group in December 2010. Domain was sold via Sedo. was banned by Google with reason “IMPERSONATED”. I don’t know meaning of IMPERSONATED as far as domain parking terminology is concerned. Just making a guess that  before domain was sold to Times Group it was banned from parking for reason  “IMPERSONATED”. Now is developed website. Faillisted status of is “Spam”. This is ridiculous because if traffic of is “Spam” so would be traffic for and as well. Snapshot of parked page of and for the record. Both these snapshots were taken around 26th April 2020. While was banned in 2011 (most likely as RPM of domain is reduced by half in November and December 2011). In December 2013 for sure, Domain was banned by Google because data shows Zero parking status of . The data about shows that Google tried to frustrate me by reducing my income as I was trying to make my livelihood from Internet. On side note which is not related, found whois info is being manipulated at I am not sure what is the intention behind this manipulation.

 All files referred in this section can be downloaded at one place.

 Manipulation of Google SERP

  1. Google has more than 80% share of Internet search. When more and more people knew about me, they have natural curiosity to know more about me. Most of the people, who used Google to search for keyword – anjan bhushan – didn’t get all documents which should have been served by Google.
  2. is open source search engine, people who care about their privacy use it.So far, it is not at par with Google.
  3. I did search for keyword – anjan bhushan – on Google and on 30th January, 2019.
  4. Google SERP Page-1, Google SERP Page-2, Google SERP Page-3, Google SERP Page-4, Google SERP Page-5, DuckDuckGo SERP
  5. Some Observation  -  All results on Page 1 of Google SERP are related to “anjan bhushan” except 1 result, All results on Page 2 of Google SERP are related to “Anjan bhushan” except 2 results, On page 3 of Google SERP, 2 of results are related to “anjan bhushan”, On page 4 of Google SERP, 1 result is related to “anjan bhushan”, On page 5 of Google SERP, 1 result is related to “anjan bhushan”.
  6. Duckduckgo has link for “criminals of domain world” included in their SERP but google doesn't have this link.
  7. Posts from are included in Duckduckgo SERP but missing in Google SERP.
  8. Post from is included in Duckduckgo SERP but missing in Google SERP.
  9. Post from is included in duckduckgo SERP but missing in Google SERP.
  10. Inclusion of SPAM in Google SERP – On page 2 of Google SERP, first result is included from This is excluded in I have taken snapshot of the concerned page. if you read the page you would see none of the sentences are grammatically correct. Most of the sentences are created with random words. Google is known for its spam filter in Google search. So, even if this would have been included in duckduckgo, it should not have been included in Google SERP.How come Google let it pass the spam post in their SERP? This result is just included to humiliate me.

All files referred in this section can be downloaded at one place.

Google ETC

  1. Blogger stats -  This blog is powered by Google product, blogger. Number of people who know me are in millions. Most of them visit my Facebook and twitter posts, that was the reason I was poisoned.I do post link from my blog on Facebook and Twitter, then how come most of my posts have page view less than 500 ? I am posting this paragraph for the record, when it will be established by some means about correct pageviews, will come back to this post again. Pageviews of some of the post –1 and Pageviews of some of the post-2
  2. Adsense reports – I have created adsense account long time back. I was in USA till July 2006. When I moved to India, I requested Google to change the country of adsense account to India. Google did change the country. I started blog in 2009. I am using adsense on I am also using adsense on few other websites.I am posting list of documents of adsense account for the record. When I will have correct data about pageviews of various websites, will come back to this topic again. Till that happens, please go through adsense reports I am including. Account Google Adsense ,Frontpage Google Adsense, Report.csv, Report-2-Google-adsense, url-Google-adsense ,Sitewise-breakup,url-channels-Google-adsense, payment
  3. Warning by Google – This is about an email from Google which was received on 6th October 2016. When this happened I was hospitalized  in NIMHANS, Bangalore.My father was my attendant. NIMHANS has allowed me to access internet for an hour in computer centre on weekdays.I was busy in Facebook, Twitter, News etc. That was the time when election in USA was about to happen.When I started looking for “Anjan bhushan” on duckduckgo and google, they started diverting me from what I was doing. So, they used Google to send the email “Action required to comply with AdSense program policies” for a link on Why I think this was not genuine mail because for adsense on, I am using wordpress plugin for adsense.I haven’t modified any adsense link manually. What they were trying to achieve was diverting me from topics I was reading/doing on internet for an hour.So, I simply ignored this message. Google never sent second mail regarding this issue.

All files referred in this section can be downloaded at one place.

I have finished writing this topic on 2nd May,2020.


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