Facebook–The desperate Giant

  1. First time when I realized that Facebook is involved as well, it was when in 2016  October –November I was telling my story. “vigour-dot-com-screenshot1.png”, “vigour-dot-com-screenshot2.png”. In both of above screenshot, I have used string “vigour dot com”. it was because at that time Facebook had banned most of my domains. They did blanket ban of string for example “vigour.com”. I have not saved the error message but world had seen this. What would be motive of this? Most likely they didn’t want my domains to get traffic from Facebook url. Because if it would happened, they needed to manipulate targeted domain traffic as well.otherwise I would have got data about traffic origination from Facebook url.
  2. Fortunately, similar instance happened one more time and this time I had saved manipulated error message.Please refer ”ganaa.com-error-fb.png” and ”ganna-dot-com-worked.png”.In first snapshot, I had made a comment, “"buy ganaa.com and earn affiliate income from amazon and flipkart"” on 15th February 2019. There is an error message from Facebook below my comment, “unable to post comment Try again”. Also  there was a popup error message “Error performing query” with a button “close”.In second snapshot,when I modified comment, “buy ganaa dot com and earn affiliate income from amazon and flipkart” Facebook allowed the comment.
  3. On 13th December 2018, I posted about launch of microsite for domain Ganaa.com (“4-ganaa.com_launch-fb-against-community-guidelines.png”), Facebook displayed a notification, “your post goes against our community standards so only you can see it.See options”. Then I had to post the message on Twitter and posted a link to Twitter on Facebook. Message on Facebook was “
  4. Launched Micorsite, please take a look.

    This was done to stop getting traffic to Ganaa.com, because most likely conspirators were not prepared to manipulate Ganaa.com log, by that time. Soon after above message my VPS hosting was shutdown. Please refer “ganaa.com-launch-VPS-shutdown.png”.

  5. On 4th January 2019, I tried posting a sell thread for domain gj.vc, Facebook promoted with unfriendly error message.Please refer “5-gf.vc-FB-post-absurd-error.png”.Subsequently I posted the incident and worked around the gj.vc sell thread.Please refer “post-gj.vc-error-posts.png
  6. On 10th January 2019, Facebook was changing parsed URL to YOOPI.com irrespective of content.Please refer “6-messing-url-10-1-2019.png“. I tried to delete associated link (yoopi.com), but each time done so, Facebook persisted with the manipulation. Finally, I posted this incident on Twitter and linked it to Facebook status.Please refer “after-url-medling-post-on-fb.png”. Twitter status which I used was https://twitter.com/hifivc/status/1083384594894860290.
  7. I am putting this for record, because I am not sure if my observation are correct.Please refer “7-23-11-2018.png”. Whenever I update the status on Facebook it say “Uploading”. I am not sure if this was since beginning or Facebook has introduced it for my account.
  8. On 15th March 2019, I posted a link to an Youtube video, but Facebook didn’t allow it.Please refer “15-march-2019.png”.I am not sure if this was just harassment by Facebook or they were not prepared to manipulate Youtube number of views, who would had saw the video, otherwise.
  9. On 19th February 2019, I searched for an old Video. Please refer “patna-dance-video-11-feb-2018.png”.I am talking about  third video from top in above screenshot. Name of the video is, “ another dance video from BIT Sindri Alumni meet at Patna...”. Video was posted on February 11 2018.What I want you to see total number of views of Video. Even after a year or so had passed, total number of views are 148. I am just producing this fact for record. When there are millions of audience on my Facebook and Twitter handle, this for sure is being manipulated.
  10. Please refer to, “twitter-linked-hifivc.png”.My twitter account @hifivc if linked with Facebook. What does it mean is all public posts which I post it as my status of Facebook would be posted on Twitter. This used to happen in past. But for last few months, it is not happening.This is a very big manipulation, previously it was a tool to verify that my public messages were redundantly posted on Twitter.
  11. Some Random Observations – Facebook is manipulating notifications. Previously, I used to get notifications for “Close Friend”. Now it doesn’t always happen. Content of My news feed are moderated.They  are afraid that I am passing messages to other friends and vice versa, so they are paranoid about what content I see and what not.

All files referred in above post can be downloaded from here.I started writing this post on 6th May 2020 and finished writing it on 7th May 2020.

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