conspiracy to Fabricate Father and Me

Who is Who

  1. Dilip Kumar Singh, age 53 ,


    – s/o Kapil Dev Singh, H. B. Road, bandhgari, Near Akhara, Dipatoli, bariatu , Ranchi, Jharkhand- 834009. Pan – BDLPS1628F, AADHAR – 8896xxxx3701. Role – Kingpin
  2. Nishant Ambastha, age – 36, Role – partner in crime of Dilip Singh
  3. Kumar Kushagra, age 34, Role-partner is crime of Dilip Singh
  4. Arjun Prasad , father
  5. Ranjan Bhushan, brother
  6. Anjan Bhuhsan , self
  7. Vibha Sinha, sister
  8. Manoj Kumar, mamu, maternal uncle
  9. Late Shailoo Sinha – mother
  10. Late Bachchi Devi – Nani – Maternal Grandmother
  11. Late Jagdish Prasad Singh – Nana – Maternal Grandmother
  12. Bipin Singh (lawyer of Dilip SIngh et all )


There are 3 plots of land in Dipatoli. Deed of all three are in name of 1. Shailoo Sinha 2. Bachchi Devi 3. Jagdish Prasad Singh .

Mutation of Shailoo SInha plot has been done in name of father Arjun Prasad. Link of Lagan Rasid of Arjun Prasad

Mutation of Bachchi Devi plot was in name of Nani Bachchi Devi Link of Lagan Rasid of Bachchi Devi

Mutation of Jagdish Prasad Singh plot was  in name of Nana Jagdish Prasad Singh Link of Lagan Rasid of Jagdish Prasad Singh

Nana and Nani had given Plots paper to Mom Shailoo Sinha. Unfortunately both Nani and Nana expired. Mamu Manoj Kumar  was not comfortable in dealing the plots in name of nana and nani, as he has not shown the property in his service record.

Entry of Dilip Singh and party

Father knew Dilp kumar Singh and he offered to “manage” the situation. He introduced Nishant Ambashtha and Kumar Kushagra as real estate developer.

Subsequently, a agreement of sale was done with Dilip Singh and party for plot which had mutation in father Arjun Prasad name. Link of agreement to sale of land in possession of arjun prasad

With the above agreement, a cheque of 7 lac was made by Dilip Singh. The copy cheque is available in last  page of agreement document.  Dilip Singh requested to in cash cheque at a later date. Later Dilip Singh requested to not in cash the cheque as he would pay by Bank Transfer . That was the reason father did not in cash the cheque.

Dilip singh and party also said they will “manage” the documents of Nana (Jagdish Prasad Singh) and Nani (Bachchi Devi)


Manipulation of documents

Dilip singh, Nishant Ambastha,Kumar Kushagra offered to Transfer of  mutation of Bachchi Devi (nani) in my name (anjan bhushan) and Transfer of mutation of Jagdish Prasad Singh( nana) in name of papa (arjun prasad).

Dilip singh manipulated vanshawali (वंशावली). He created a vanshawali verified by parshad of ward 6. In the document mom (shailoo sinha) was made only child of Nana and Nani. Application was made to transfer mutation of Bachchi Devi’s plot to name of Anjan Bhushan and application was also made to  transfer mutation of Jagdish prasad singh’s plot to name of Arjun Prasad. Ranjan Bhushan signed two No Objection certiifcate, Ranjan Bhushan also signed two Vibha Sinha’s no objection certificate, anjan bhushan signed one no objection certificate and arjun prasad signed one no objection certificate. Unfortunately,we trusted Dilip Singh and didn’t keep copy of the documents.

After, transfer of  mutation was applied Dilip Singh also singed two more agreement. First with Arjun Prasad(father) for plot that was in Nana’s name (Jagdish Prasad). Link of agreement with father arjun prasad with Dilip Singh

second agreement was with Anjan Bhushan (me) for  plot of Nani’s name (Bachchi Devi). Link of agreement with me (anjan bhushan) with Dilip Singh. In this agreement Dilip SIngh also made a cheque of 50000 INR. Copy of cheque is on last page of the agreement. Again, Dilip SIngh requested to not in cash the cheque.

Transfer of mutation of Nani (Bachchi Devi) in my name (anjan bhushan) was done successfully .  anjan bhushan mutation 1 and anjan bhushan mutation 2

Transfer of mutation of Nana (Jagdish Prasad Singh) in name of father (arjun prasad) was done successfully. arjun prasad mutation 1 and arjun prasad mutation 2

After mutation of plots were done in my name (anjan bhushan) and fathers’ name (arjun prasad), Dilip Singh informed that he had applied for holding for the plots. Unfortunately, we don’t have paper of it.

Online transfer of Payments

Following payments were done via NEFT/RTGS.

In Arjun Prasad’s account at SBI  account number 10192415625

  1. Date 21 June 2023 amount 50 lacs
  2. Date 18 July 2023 amount 10 lacs

In Anjan Bhushan’s account at ICICI account number 115201500873

  1. Date 21 June 2023 amount 25 lacs
  2. Date 22 June 2023 amount 5 lacs
  3. Date 22 June 2023 amount 18 lacs
  4. Date 22 June 2023 amount 2 lacs
  5. Date 15 July 2023 amount 15 lacs

Most likely none of the payment were made from account of Dilip singh, Nishant Ambastha or Kumar Kushagra . When we requested Dilip Singh to provide account holders name from which money were transferred to father’s account and my account, Dilip Singh said he would do it later.

Story of Partition Suit

In beginning of September 2023, Dilip Singh et all visited our residence. They said to avail loan we need to partition all three lands between Arjun Prasad, Anjan Bhushan and Ranjan Bhushan. Vanshawali was further manipulated and anjan bhushan and ranjan bhushan  were declared only children of Arjun Prasad . it was decided that Ranjan Bhushan will get 3.5 kattha of land from Anjan Bhushan share.

On 4th September Dilip Singh asked us to visit Registrar’s office with all three original deeds and 2 photographs each. We (arjun prasad, anjan bhushan and Ranjan bhushan) signed many pages of documents. Document that were signed by us were not given to us. However, there was a big red flag. on first page of document there were mention of rate of land as 401168 INR per dicmil ,(link of circle rate chart) when i mentioned it to Dillip Singh, his lawyer said now plot is under ward number 8. Previously, while creating vanshawali for mutation, vanshwali was verified by ward number 6 Parshad.

It was told to us that registrar has refused to register Partition suit. On later date, I realised that there was mention of 401168 INR per dicmil,  I could not co-relate that in partition suit   what was need to rate of land. so in October 2023, I requested Dilip Singh to share the document  that was signed by us (arjun prasad, anjan bhushan and ranjan bhushan) at registrar office. He said he will visit next day, next day when I called Dilip singh, he rplied that document was in car which was sent for servicing. He made few more excuses on later dates. on 3rd November he replied that document is with their lawyer and he would send scanned copy of it. Finally, on 3rd November 2023 he sent Partition suit. link of Partition suit. The issue was, the document that sent to me doesn’t have the page in which rate of land 402268 was mentioned.

On 5th of Novmber 2023, we invited Dilip Singh and Party to clarify issues with the document he has sent  as partition suit. Story of the incident in next paragraph.


Kolkata Visit

On 5th November 2023 Dilip Singh and Party visited our residence. we (father and me) wanted to discuss discrepancy in so called “partition suit” document. Nishant Ambastha told they will discuss discrepancy later as document itself needs to be modified. he further said they need to visit Kolkata on 6th November 2023 morning by road.  There is one more document “verification letter kolkata” that was issued on 18th October. link of verification letter kolkata

Nishant further said, they need the deed in original as Registrar office in Kolkata wants to see original deed before issuing certified copy. Nishant further said that either I hand over original deeds to him or  I (anjan bhushan) accompany them. Due to some issues, we (Dilip Singh, Nishant Ambastha,Kumar Kushagra, Bipin Singh and me) left for Kolkata on night of 6th November by train. I was told that Bipin Singh had lined up the issue and Bipin Singh was in touch with their lawyer in Kolkata.

In Kolkata, we reached registrar office around 12 noon, and so called lawyer of Dilip Singh et all at Kolkata replied that records office was closed from Durga Puja to Chhath (19th November, 2023).

Question is if Bipin Singh had lined up with lawyer at Kolkata, why they didn’t know that office was closed for the period.

In my opinion, trip of Kolkata was done to buy time. On 7th Night we (Dilip Singh, Nishant Ambastha,Kumar Kushagra, Bipin Singh and me) left Kolkata at night for Ranchi.

How I realised that it is a trap

  1. Dilip Singh made a lot of excuse to share “Partition suit” with us. Even when he shared the document, it is not same document which we have signed at registrar office.
  2. Kolkata Trip was just done to buy time.
  3. Manjusha (Ranjan Bhushan wife) will visit Ara with his son on 13th November night. They would return back to Ranchi on 19th November.
  4. helper Sudhir left for home on 7th November 2023 and said he would return on 10th November 2023. Now he is making excuse and saying he would not return.
  5. Sister Vibha sinha will visit Ranchi with family on 14th November 2023 and would return back to Patna on 20th November.

Most likely, law enforcement agencies are planning to raid our home between 14th November to 19th November.  Time was chosen to make us look bad in Vibha’s  view.

We are not Culprit but Victim of conspiracy

Father and me are not culprit but victim of the conspiracy. It was planned and executed with accuracy.Most likely, conspiracy is done at highest level, what I mean PM Narendra Modi has knowledge and approval of the conspiracy.

all documents in the post can be accessed by visiting the link.

Why extension will disrupt .in ccTLD!

This article is intended for domain name professionals and Internet Marketing professionals. If you wonder what a domain name is, please read one of my previous post. Please read this post till end.

  • In January 1985, domain name system was implemented.At that time extension (TLD) were  .com,.net,.org,.edu, .gov, .mil and .int.As internet grew .com, .net and .org were mostly adopted.
  • Initially .com was used as abbreviation of company, .net was being used as abbreviation of network and .org was being used as abbreviation of organization.
  • With time .com became most used TLD and it is the king of all TLDs.
  • From 1985 ccTLD started, first was .us. ccTLD is 2 letter Top Level Domain abbreviation, given to every country (and territory) in world. What is ccTLD? Like .de for Germany, .uk for UK, .au for Australia.
  • As of now there are 255 country code TLD in Latin alphabet.
  • Different countries have have implemented their country code TLD differently. Some countries allowed subdomains directly under TLD (like .to, .io etc) others implemented third level domain where 2nd level domain was used an extension (like or Some allowing both directly TLD as well as third level domain as 2nd level as extension (like and .in). - All the countries which implemented their own version of .com, their are two type of implementation.
  • First type is using .com.under TLD like -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • Second type is using abbreviation of .com as .co Second Level Domain  extension like -,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • I would say .com  is natural adoption of ccTLD using .com extension as second level domain, .co Second Level Domain is abbreviated for .com.TLD. Which I would say as artificial extension.
  • India did open registration for .in and (besides few more extension) open to anyone on 16th Feb 2005. Now .in and are established extension in India. It has taken almost 17 years for .in TLD for adoption.
  • Second level extension under .in TLD at the time of opening on 16th Feb 2005 were - in,,,,, and
  • On 29th October 2021, NIXI (the in registry) quietly started registration for 29 more extensions (second level extension, third level domain) under .in TLD. None of the registrar had system ready for registration.
  • The most promising extension announced on 29th October 2021, available for registration was
  • Some registrant manually registered many using registrar that have taken request manually. Within couple of day, couple of registrar started supporting real time registration using their system.
  • Registry was criticized for not allowing trade mark holders to first register their names in Sunrise period. Many abuse of this had happened like, etc was registered by someone from Bulgaria.
  • After complaints registry halted registration in new extension (29 of them) on 13th November 2021. Subsequently Sunrise rule was announced.
  • As per new sunrise rules, These extension opened for all on 27th December 9:00 AM IST.
  • But in evening of 27th December 2021(IST) registry sent communications to registrars against bulk domain registration by limiting new domains registration to 2 per individual and 100 new registrations by a registered company.Please Refer from registry,  .
  • At the same time, .IN Registry has announced Promo for Second Level .in registrations and third level .in (example, etc). Registration promo price will be 299 INR including GST. Please Refer
  • I have talked with couple of registrars, the bulk .in and third level domains under .in will be exempted from bulk registration restrictions during above promo duration.
  • Hope some day, registry will realize that there is no use of restricting bulk registration restrictions , but this is what we have right now. So, unless there is a communication from  registry, you have a limited window to acquire more in particular and .in TLD in general.This opportunity ends at End Date: 23:59:59 (IST) 31 January 2022 i.e. 18:29:59 (UTC) 31 January 2022 . After that you would need approval from ceo(at) for bulk registrations.
  • What would be repercussions of extension? First thing is for sure, it took .in and 17 years to get traction, may do that in couple of years, because .com and .in both are "known"  extensions.
  • There would be dilution of value because theoretically traffic may leak to It will be both way, if a person have website at and doesn't own, there may be some traffic leak as well.
  • In long run, may take over, because as I said earlier is natural extension and is abbreviated thus artificial extension.
  • Value of .in extension(Second level .in domains) will increase because it will be kind of insurance that it would be not affected by traffic leak because of confusion between, and
  • Disclaimer : All of my opinion in this post is my personal opinion, please use your judgment when you are looking to register names in .in ccTLD  extension in general and extension in particular.

I support caste based census, here is why!

Caste is reality in India. There are forward castes and backward castes. Personally, If I had a choice, I would get rid of caste based identity as soon as I can.Personally, I have suffered a lot because of caste.Father of my first girl friend, did not allow me to marry with GF, because our sub caste were different. When It happened I was heart broken, If my friend Nishant was not there, I thought my life was totally destroyed.

Constitution has provided caste based reservation for social justice. Currently, the percentage of reservation in jobs and/or educational institute has been decided based on very old census or sometime just arbitrary number was decided like 27% for OBC, similarly for SC and ST. Once caste based data will be available, we will be in better position to provide benefits of welfare schemes in proportion with population of the caste.

So, does it mean that, I support, caste based reservation to continue forever? no I am not. Quoting from one of earlier post.

Reservation and Caste – Caste is reality in India.Caste based reservation exists because Caste based hierarchy exists in society. Reservation in jobs were created to bring lower caste, social upliftment .Unfortunately no matter how many jobs we create, we will never able to create so many jobs under reserved quota, which will make caste irrelevant.So, we need to change caste based job reservation. My proposal is take out 50% jobs from SC.ST and OBC and give it to couples who opt for inter-caste marriage. Let me explain, suppose a guy from ”Sawarn Caste” marries a girl from SC category.  Then, both of them will be treated as caste of girl. And one of the couple will be given reservation in Job under 50% quota. Also, Caste based reservation will only applicable for one generation, only. Reservation policy should be reviewed after every 10 years.

Do I make sense? Please provide your feedback by commenting on the post.

Paralysis of Institutions and Modi Government

In last post, I asked PM Modi to consider resigning and allowing a competent person to take over the PM Post. On Twitter the link was posted on 5th May,

1. A few things happened after that, On 7th May 2021,I used hashtag #मोदी_इस्तीफा_दो in my tweets and very soon it became top hashtag of India It remain top tweet for around 5 hours. But so far, No mainstream media has covered it. Soon, Top twitter trend was being manipulated. And random hashtag became top trends.

2. Also, it seems twitter is cleaning adverse hashtag of Modi government, I may be wrong. It also seems now when I use a hashtag, twitter stop counting that hashtag.

3. It has been now more than 10 days, but no mainstream media has covered about resignation demand of Modi by netizens. It is because, as I have told earlier, all mainstream media is either gagged or managed.

4. Manipulation of twitter trends shows social media is being manipulated as well.

5. All eminent citizens are gagged or threatened or blackmailed as well.

6. Judiciary could have taken cognizance, but it is gagged as well.

7. I am not sure about election commission, but most likely they are also being managed by Modi ji.

8. For an conservative figure, at least 30 crores Indian know me, still media and judiciary is silent.

9. IB is being misused on grand scale to manipulate the population.

10. Modi ji has projected himself as sacred cow, if anyone question anything about him, he/she is arrested. Its not democracy but dictatorship.

11. Modi ji should not just resign because of mismanagement of Corona , but also for paralysing all institutions of the country.

Consensus Government is Need Of Hour

Whole world is fighting with Carona. India is fighting with Carona as well. But scene is India is very depressing. Healthcare infrastructure has totally collapsed. There is no oxygen, no bed, inadequate vaccine, medicine in short supply.Spread of 2nd wave of Corona is extraordinary.People are dying all over the place.Government didn’t take proactive measures, even when, there were warnings from expert.

West Bengal elections were irresponsible step, when Corona was multiplying rapidly.Whole Centre Government machinery were busy in West Bengal elections . Pm Modii ji only cancelled election campaign when 2 candidates died from Corona.

Even now Centre Government  has no clue, how to tackle growth of the pandemic. Desperate times need desperate measures. We are fighting a war with a deadly enemy who is invisible. I propose, that there should be Government in centre, in which  all parties participate. That way there would be no politics and Government will be able to take steps without fear of criticism. It will also allow efficient handling of Carona.

So, For Consensus Government in centre, we will need a leader who will be acceptable by all parties.PM Modi ji have very divisive image, so  he can’t be a leader of all parties Government. I appeal Modi ji to vacate the PM chair and allow a leader acceptable by all parties to take charge of the government. If Modi ji, do so, history will be kind to him.

So who would be a leader acceptable to all parities, I propose Nitish Kumar, he is in NDA and have moderate image, he will be acceptable to all parties. However, I will still support the future all parties government, even if it will be lead by someone else.

My request to PM Modi ji, please do consider making way for an acceptable face of all parties Government.I rest my case.