Message to Trump and Nitish Kumar

Father is blackmailed by them and he had agreed to declare me mentally disable.Once that happen my WILL become null and void.At ground level my brother Ranjan Bhushan and his laws are blackmailing it, however at top level it is modi government.
Initially I was hospitalized at CIP Kanke now at other location.Dear Trump and Nitish Kumar please help me.

How UP can lead India to knowledge based economy.

BJP has won UP assembly poll by huge margin, Yogi Adityanath has started office on war footing. In manifesto, BJP has announced that UP government would distribute free laptop and 1 Gb data connection with it. If this program is implemented in right way, UP may lead India to knowledge based economy.I have a few suggestions in this regard.
  • Laptop should have AMD processor instead of Intel. This will save money.
  • Money saved in processor should be used to provide as big hard drive as possible.Hard disk capacity of distributed laptop should be at least 512 Gb, preferably 1 Terabyte.
  • I assume laptop would have some sort of Microsoft Windows operating system. It will take some time when Linux will be at par with Windows.For time being its alright.
  • The laptops should have Libreoffice as office suite as it is free and open source. Features of Libreoffice are suffice for more than 99% of users who use Microsoft Office.
  • The laptops should also have photo editing open source application GIMP installed on machines. GIMP is open source and free application instead of Photoshop.
  • The laptops should have Wikipedia installed on it.
  • Students from 5th class should try to learn shell programming. To make this happen complete install of Cygwin should be available on the laptops.
  • The laptops should have free and open source text editor Notepad++ installed.Notepad++ have a lot of features including regular expressions.
  • Laptops should have XAMPP installed. Students should be encourged to learn PHP and Mysql. So, e-books should be provided to do so.Students from class 8 should be encouraged to learn PHP and Mysql.
  • Laptops should also Java installed on it.e-books for Java should be provided as well.Students from class 11th should be encouraged to learn Java.
  • Laptops should have open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Eclipse installed with plug-in for Java and PHP.
  • Laptop should also have Open Live Writer installed. It is a desktop blogging tool and supports Wordpress as well as Blogger.
  • There should be e-book to configure Blogger with own domain name and putting Google Adsense on it.
  • E-books should also be available on laptop to provide information about Internet Marketing and various affiliate programs.
  • E-books should also introduce students about internet real estate aka Domain Names and how to make money from it.
  • Laptops should also have all free books like Gita, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Premchand’s work etc so that students may read it in free time.
Some Useful Links – For internet Marketing – Domain Name Forum – Domain Name Forum dedicated to .in extension – Domain Name Forum dedicated to IDN domains – Internet Marketing etc forum – Listing and demo of content management systems based in PHP and Mysql – Place to learn Java – One may get a job worth 5 USD by this website. – One may bid for projects posted on the website. – Similar as elance.

I am sure the change will get reflected in UP economy within 2 years if laptop distribution is done in right way. What’s your opinion? Feel free to add more meat to it.

Why I don’t support liquor ban.

Gujarat and Bihar have enforced liquor ban.UP and Jharkhand government thinking of measures to do so.I am big supporter of Nitish Kumar but do believe decision of liquor ban has been taken without discussion. Governments argue that people get indulged in alcohol drinking to commit crimes.My argument is that state should preach and reinforce responsible drinking not ban alcohol.
  • Developed countries like USA has strict law for driving under influence. I know a case where an Indian techie was caught driving after more than permitted level alcohol . he did spend more than 10000 USD in legal fees and was went to court for more than 6 months.I don’t know if was sent to jail or not.
  • There are news from Gujarat and Bihar that young students were caught consuming alcohol. In these states people are still getting alcohol but they pay 4 to 5 times of retail price.When ever government brings legislation where one more inspector raj, are there to enforce such law, it will create black market.And these funding can be used by say Naxalite.
  • Excessive use of procreation activities between couples may lead to population disaster. To control that government don’t ban procreation activities but promote “parivar niyojan aka family planning”
  • Similarly, if respective governments feel that they don’t have infrastructure to monitor responsible drinking, they may ban hard drinks but should allow Wine and Beer sales in respective states.
  • While I was in USA, I used to go to dance floor and used to dance for 2-3 hour after couple of drinks. It used to be excellent energy burner.Also, concentration level at work place used to be high for 2 weeks or so.I don’t have statistical data to prove this but this is my experience.
  • Also, by banning alcohol, governments are trying to create spiritual society, while I am in favour of materialistic society.
  • Human being should be allowed to have some pleasures in life. And if, alcohol consumption is monitored and regulated, it would serve it purpose.

A congratulatory message to President Trump.

Congratulations Mr. President, world will be a better and safer place under your leadership.Islamic extremists are clear and present daanger to the world.I endorse your views and actions in this regard.I also agree with your views about about N. Korea and war being an option,but it should be last option, in my opinion.
Like N. Korea, Pakistan is a failed state and moreover it has nukes.Only achivement of Pakistan since its inception is export of terrorists globally.Pakistan should be pursuaded to give up it nukes and close down terrorists factories and choose path of progress.
Non-democratic China is next big threat to the world.Pakistan and N. Korea are surviving because of non-democratic China.These three forms axis of evil.World should persuade China to choose emocracy,war is not an options against China, because it will endanger whole world.But world may choose to hurt China, where it matters most,may be banning its exports.If and when it happens citizens of China will revolt and china will be a democratic state.
Once Islamic extremists and non-democratic China are taken care of, I can assure you that world can be integrated/organized in such a way where defence expenditure of the world will be zero.If and when it happens whole world will be developed state and all conflicts of the world will be taken care of.Imagine Mr President, a scenario where Nobel prize for Physics will go to some African country as well.Whole world will work towards a better tomorrow for next generations.Once this happens humanity will progress so much in 5 decades which it has not done from beginning.In simple words,it will be heaven on earth.
I have great respect for you Mr. President, I also have great respect for President Putin.Cold war is a thing of past.I don't see a reason why USA and Russia can't be good friends and help each other in solving problems of the world.
Best wishes for your first term Mr. President, I am sure your achievements will easily give you second term.

Why Gmail launch was sensational ?

Gmail was launched on 1st April 2004 to a limited number of people and it was invitation only. Many people thought it as April Fool’s joke. Time says Gmail launch was beginning of the modern era of the web.Have you ever thought what it was like when Gmail was started?

  • First milestone that Gmail set was storage limit. During those days Hotmail and Yahoo mail were primary internet email providers. In those days these providers have email quota of 2 MB to 5 MB. People used to delete their message just to keep their mail box under limit. People used to delete their email if it consist of attachments just to keep their mailbox size under limit. Google gave 1 GB of storage per email account. That was crazy idea that time.Google came up with idea to keep all your message intact.
  • Second thing that Gmail differentiated from other competitors was conversational view of email messages. Messages were arranged with subject in one thread. It gave better view of relevant messages.
  • Use of AJAX was a big improvement from conventional web email providers. AJAX allowed to load new emails without reloading the page. Before Gmail Hotmail or Yahoo had to load complete page for each user interaction. If you are not from tech world, AJAX stands for asynchronous JavaScript and XML. With Ajax, web applications can send data to and retrieve from a server asynchronously (in the background) without interfering with the display and behavior of the existing page.
  • Gmail had community driven spam detection and Gmail used to have less spam and no pop-up ad.
  • Contextual advertising – Gmail came up with idea of displaying contextual advertising besides emails. Gmail program scans email messages and display advertisement related to keywords in email. It created huge noise from some privacy advocates. They said people who send email to Gmail users aren’t aware of the fact that someone [machine] would read their message to display contextual ads. Google came up with explanation that all email providers scans email for spam and virus so there is nothing new in scanning emails for contextual advertisement.They also clarified that no human being reads these email only machines [computers] do that. 
  • POP Support – POP stands for Post office Protocol, using POP3 protocol desktop email clients can download email from remote server.Gmail supported POP3 protocol from day 1,while their competitor didn’t provide it for free, because they were afraid that if they allow POP support people will desert their web version email support. Google was so confident about their web version that they supported POP from day 1.
  • Improved Search – Gmail provided ability to search your mailbox using keywords / operands  at lightning speed relative to other mail clients.
  • Invitation only launch – Gmail was invitation only when it started and after a few weeks Gmail gave their existing users invitations so that they could invite their family or friends.During those days it created so much buzz that people were paying even 60 USD to get an invite. Some people started selling those invites on Ebay. has a story about these invites being sold on Ebay.

All in all launch of Gmail was a new era of internet world. When you had first Gmail account? Did you have Yahoo or Hotmail account before that?