What happened after 28th Feb, 2018

On Feb 28,2018 I was staying in maternal uncle place in Patna, and was posting tweets about Narendra Modi’s conspiracy against Nitish Kumar. One of the post was https://twitter.com/hifivc/status/968528078124105728
On 29th of Feb,2018 father reached Patna from Ranchi at night and stayed in our flat in Patna. We had chat on mobile and he said he would visit me at Mamu’s place. https://twitter.com/hifivc/status/969131402062053378
I was staying at Mamu’s place on 1st of March,2018.On 1st March Mamu told me that I may visit market and bring oranges and apples.I went fruit market which was about 200 meters away from Mamu’s home.When I returned father had already arrived in Mamu’s home.Father did bring grapes while I went to buy fruits. After I entered drawing cum dinning room, saw father seating at sofa and mamu seating on bed.Mami brought washed grapes(About 400 grams to 500 grams).Father requested mamu to take the grapes, mamu replied as he had diabetes he wouldn't eat it,and he slept on bed.Then Father requested me to take grapes.I saw strange body language of mamu and father so I refused it as well.After that I posted https://twitter.com/hifivc/status/969155294952484865
I did post (twiitter) on 2nd March,2018 (IST) about Nitish Kumar was blackmailed and firewalled by Narendra Modi. http://hi.fi.vc/2018/03/some-events-that-proves-nitish-kumar-is.html. 2nd March 2018 was occasion of Holi.In evening father and I visited uncle’s place and exchanged color.Then we returned to mamu’s place..Everybody were cool and calm.Next day 3rd March,2018 was my younger brother’s birthday(Ranjan Bhushan).I wake up early so was father.Father said he would send a message to  Ranjan Bhushan.I said I wouldn’t do that.Father was most likely threatened, and he started saying that we(father and me) should visit a psychiatrist locally (In Patna). It was very obvious that he wanted me to get admitted to a psychiatrist facility.So I bolted the door of the room and was trying to gain attention of twitter audience.On 4th of March,2018 (IST) bolt of room was broken.There were 3 guys from http://www.hitaishihome.co.in/Hitaishi-Happiness-Home-Contact-Us.html (Hitaishi Happiness Home). Resistance would had futile,so I replied take me where you would want me to go.On the way I just said “Be afraid of God not Modi!”. I also asked if father was not coming with us for formalities. They replied that he would come in a different vehicle.None of my father or guardian came.
The guys took me to First facility(D-15, Main Road, Buddha Colony, Patna BIHAR ). There was a staff named Jai, he asked me If I would need anything like cigarettes or alcohol (alcohol is banned in Patna).This was a strange question at a psychiatric facility or de-addiction centre. I asked them to show my bed Jai pointed a bed in common room.I replied I need the bed that was being allocated.He replied bed would  be allocated after I took food.I was more interested in finding if water in a bottle could had been poisoned. Once I was sure that a bottle of water was not poisoned, I consumed it as needed.I didn’t eat anything  first day (4th March, 2018).Later I was given a bed.Next day (5th of March,2018) one of the staff had two breakfast food for 2 patients in his hand.One of that was my neighbour.I requested to give me a random plate to  me.Same day Jai brought a notebook and asked me to sign me.I asked him what that was.He replied that is list of clothes that was sent by my guardians and I need to sign on the notebook as proof.I asked him where are the cloths.He show some of them.I asked him why underwear and baniyan were missing.He replied I should just sign and they will send request to my guardians  for remaining cloths.I refused to sign.He asked me why.I replied that,  It was forced hospitalization and I won’t leave any evidence that may be taken as voluntary hospitalization.
6th March, 2018 was also passed with same routine as 5th of March,2018.On 7th of March,2018 Counsellor Ms Amrita called me and Jai accompanied me with to her.She asked me why I was not signing  the notebook.I explained what had wrote above.She instructed Jai to hand over the cloths to me even If I was signing the notebook.I also told Ms. Amrita about cloths that were missing. She told me that more cloths would be procured from my home.Even when second time cloths came from home, Jai and one more staff was bullying me and asked me to sign for it as proof of receipt. I refused and again I was given cloths without signing.
I am not sure if hospitalization was done on 7th March 2018, or in back date 4th March 2018.But there was real threat of just poisoning me in Hitaishi Happiness Home and shifting body to place where father was staying. Narendra Modi was the guy in background.Father was threatened and got sleep disorder.When father called me he was in Mumbai (at younger brother’s place) for treatment of Insomnia.
After I was formally admitted things became better.On 27th Of March I was shifted to B-48, Road No. 3, Polic Colony, Anishabad, Patna (BIHAR), facility.Father returned to Patna from Mumbai on 2nd May 2018.I was discharged from the facility on 8th May 2018.
These incidents show that Narendra Modi was trying, political assassination of Nitish Kumar. And killing me as well.
Foot Note :
If anything happens to me like hospitalization or being killed,Naredra Modi will be responsible.Also, if any well wishers from India gets killed Narendra Modi be ressponsible.

Some events that proves Nitish Kumar is firewalled

  • On September 3, 2017 it was reported that JD( U ) would not claim any birth in Modi’s cabinet expansion.
“Ahead of the swearing-in, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had dispelled rumours that PM Modi may give berths to members of the JD(U) — the party joined the NDA fold last month. Speaking to reporters in Patna, Kumar claimed there was “no such talk of the JD(U) joining the Union Cabinet”.
  • On February 10, 2018, news came that JD(u ), wouldn’t fight by election.
  • I was not sure what was going on, because why would a party in democracy may leave influence to go lower.
  • Around same time someone hinted me,that Nitish  Kumar is blackmailed.
  • On 13th Feb, 2018, I posted on twitter – “Some time I feel that @NitishKumar is being blackmailed.”
  • On 16th February I tweeted Chetan Bhagat post, about how congress may win next year elections .
  • On 17th February,2018 – “BJP urges Nitish to field candidate for by elections”
“By-polls in Bihar Patna, Feb 17 (PTI) The BJP today urged its senior alliance partner in Bihar, the JD(U), to reconsider the decision not to contest upcoming by-polls in the  state scheduled next month.”

  • Subsequently, I posted  a blog post on 23rd of February 2018. http://hi.fi.vc/2018/02/sex-with-consent-is-not-sin.html
  • Once it became clear deepstate in New Delhi was blackmailing Nitish, he was enclosed by Firewall, who decides whom he would meet and what he would say.
  • On 23rd, February,2018 it was reported that Nitish returned from Japan but he “skipped” the press conference which he as supposed to do.
  • On 25th of February, 2018, Nitish Visited my neighbourhood in a park named “Manju Sinha Smriti Park”. Name of the park is in name of Nitish Kumar’s deceased wife.And it was her birthday.Around 20 people were seating on chairs.Everyone who entered in park had go through security check. When he arrived I wished him from 3 meters which he saw, but didn’t reply.I tried to to get closer but a security guy pulled me out.
  • On 27th feb, 2018 I posted on twitter https://twitter.com/hifivc/status/968528078124105728
  • Recently his security is also,most likely,heightened so that he may not meet anyone who may help.
Indian Media is gagged, may be a foreign media may run this story with more research.

Sex with consent is not Sin

Talking about sex is taboo in India.Initially,Indian society was quite open about Kama (desire,sex). Kama Sutra was written somewhere between 400 BCE to 200 CE. Khajuraho temple was built around 1000 CE.Quoting from this Wikipedia page
The Khajuraho temples feature a variety of art work, of which 10% is sexual or erotic art outside and inside the temples. Some of the temples that have two layers of walls have small erotic carvings on the outside of the inner wall. Some scholars suggest these to be tantric sexual practices. Other scholars state that the erotic arts are part of Hindu tradition of treating Kama as an essential and proper part of human life, and its symbolic or explicit display is common in Hindu temples.James McConnachie, in his history of the Kamasutra, describes the sexual-themed Khajuraho sculptures as "the apogee of erotic art"
Then it was era of Islamic rule in India brought “Burka” for women and it changed openness of society as far as Sex is concerned.
As per Wikipedia Sexual motivation comes because of hormones. Quoting from the page.
Sexual motivation is influenced by hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, oxytocin, and vasopressin. In most mammalian species, sex hormones control the ability to engage in sexual behaviours. However, sex hormones do not directly regulate the ability to copulate in primates (including humans). Rather, sex hormones in primates are only one influence on the motivation to engage in sexual behaviours.
So, if are above age of consent get into relationship or get married and indulge in lovemaking. However if you are not into relationship or divorced or widow or widower,you may indulge in casual lovemaking,there is nothing wrong in that because its urge of human body. If you are committed or married, don’t cheat your partner,however if both of you agree you may indulge in erotic activity outside of your relationship or marriage.
I was raised in conservative family.My view on sex was it should only happen after marriage.But I was wrong.
In previous posts I have mentioned that during my hospitalization in CIP Ranchi in November 2016 ,I had not slept for more than 3.5 months and all my biological functions were normal.It was the time God influenced my intelligence  and thoughts on various front. Some of these are soul, preservation of soul,cycle of life and death, heaven and hell.I was also made aware of fact that what technologies are not available on earth for time being.I will write about these topics in coming weeks and months.I also got answer about Sex and  Heaven.
Sex and Heaven

In Heaven, sex doesn’t lead to procreation.It is only for pleasure.At some point in time, God has a plan when even on earth Sex would not lead to procreation.It may seem like crazy thought, but it isn’t.Yes human being will become immortal and there would be travel of body (not soul) from heaven to earth or vice versa as well.

Theory of creation of Universe and God!

Before you read this article, please read, beginning of Time.

In first week of November 2016, I was admitted to CIP Ranchi. There I didn’t sleep for more than 3.5 months and all my biological functions were normal.During that period God communicated with me by influencing my intelligence and thoughts.It was like a question used to come in my mind and there were possible answers followed. One of the question that came in discussion was How universe was created and how God (name of God is Vishnu)  itself was created (or does it got created at all? Gita says God is “Ajanma” (Something that was never born). Earlier in my one of the post on Facebook I told that teaching of Gita are words of God.But at the same time I have also said  that Mahabharat (Gita is part of it) got modified and exaggerated with time. God says he was born, because Universe was created before him. I do agree that Universe was created from Big Bang.Since, Universe and God both got created, we may argue that there is a “Supreme Power” which had created Universe and God both.Name of the Supreme Power is Hemant.Then next question would be how supreme power got created. Thought a lot about it,Hemant (supreme power) most likely got created from light waves.Some kind of transformation happened in which light waves led to creation of Hemant (Maybe photosynthesis did happen, someday science will be able to tell us what exactly did happen,this is just a theory for time being). The Supreme Power had brain but not body. That was one of the reason there was need of one more power centre inside universe (Vishnu ).It also implies that Hemant was created outside universe.While Hemant didn’t had body, Vishnu had body, .Now next question would be how light waves got created. Light waves got created from singularity of infinite density (black hole). Singularity of infinite density can exist of its own it didn’t need to be created.

Hemant (The supreme power) had created Universe (by Big Bang) and God (human like appearance),but Hemant doesn’t interfere in day to day activity of God (Vishnu).

God has some extraordinary power, but all of that can be understood by science some day.It also implies we (as human) have long way to go.Devil was also created by Hemant by accident. I would explain why I think so in a later post.

Feel free to support or criticize my theory.You may also suggest some changes in comments.

Unification of world in one political entity

Almost all countries of modern world are created based on religion, language or ethnicity (race).There are 196 countries in the world today,if you count Taiwan. All these countries (most of them, if not all) have its defence expenses.This is a big chunk of budget.There are few boundary line disputes that make this matter worse.So, my point is, if we may create countries based on mutual trust defence expenses will go away and we may have a lot of money to make the world as developed state.
Out of religion, language and ethnicity;integration of ethnicity would take maximum time.Because it means any person may marry any other person in the world.It would need all human to travel and migrate in any portion of the world. Unless there is a need integration of language will not happen.However, integration of religion may be possible in least time (may be 5 years). Followers of modern days major religious group as per Wiikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_religious_groups
Religion Population in Percentage
Christianity 31.5%
Islam 23.2%
Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) 15%
Buddhism 7.1%
Folk religions 5.9%
irreligion (not a religion) 16.3%
The major difference between Sanatan Dharma (Hindusim) and all of the other mentioned in above table is the fact,that there was a human who started them.Sanatan Dharma was started by no human being.Different rituals were added in Santan Dharma but one may chose to practice those rituals or just ignore that and still would be called a Hindu (Sanatan Dharma). Sanatan Dharma is also the oldest religion of the world. All of initial literatures of Sanatan Dharma are available in Sanskrit.
One of my task is to inform whole world about Mahabharat and My Story (say it “Mahabharat 2”. People will be inspired to adopt Sanatan Dharma (Even if they may not want to convert to Sanatan Dharma).In current world there are so many media options like Print, TV, Digital Media (Social Media is part of it) that message can be delivered to everyone in 5 years.It will lead to unification of world religions.
Only unification of world’s religion won’t  be enough.We need solid model to convert whole world into developed entity.It needs a few stages before world can be united as one entity.
Stage 1 Persuading one of major power of today’s world China to accept democracy. With current communist government Chinese media is very much regulated.This has to end. Second priority in Stage1 is getting rid of world from Islamic extremists.Once we take care of these two, first level Political integration(read countries) can be done.Let me explain it in Stage 2.
Stage 2 Countries of the world after stage 2 level
  • European Union – EU as a country (including Britain) would be the easiest thing to do.As they already have single visa and currency.
  • United States of America – Canada is not part of U.S.A, but have similar economy.Both of the countries can be integrated as USA.
  • United States of Russia – Ex-USSR countries can become one country again.They were together before USSR was dissolved. So, they have some common history are heritage.
  • United States of Australia – It will include current Australia and New Zealand. Also some of small small countries in vicinity of Australia would be part of it.
  • Unites states of India – It should consists of countries Iran(why iran?), Afghanistan, Pakistan. India, Srilanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tibet (why Tibet? ), Burma (Why Burma?), Bhutan,Bangladesh, Thailand (why thailand?),Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos,Malaysia,Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei
  • United States of Korea and Japan – Currently Japan and South Korea have similar economy (GDP/per capita).However, What I propose is that Japan and whole Korea get together.
  • United States of Middle East -  Once religion gets unified Israel and all other Arab countries (I don’t treat Iran as Arab) can co-exist as one political entity.
  • United States of China – It would include current China except Tibet.Taiwan will be part of it.Magnolia will be allowed to be part of United States of China, if it wants that.But any such political integration won’t possible until China becomes a democracy.
  • United states of South America and Caribbean – Its obvious what I mean by this category.
  • United states of Africa – Its is also obvious.
So as per my vision, after religion (or side by side) adopted in one religion, Sanatan Dharma, world may be integrated in 10 political entities and by doing so all conflicts of the world would be taken care of.That means world will have huge amount of money for FDI in developing countries,and it will be right direction in progress of the world.
Stage3 Integration of Currency
Once some level of development happens to all developing economics, world will be ready for single currency.It will take out any currency manipulation by any other political entity.
Stage4 Final political integration of the world.By then, world will be developed state, all 10 states can merge in one entity.World will be just one country, minimum languages.There will be no visa-passport, anyone can live in any part of world and can marry in same or different ethnicity.World will be a heaven all countries of the world will be together.
Side Effect on languages of the world
English will remain language for maximum communication around the world. Whole world would like to know more and more about Sanatan Dharma.Most of Sanatan Dharma literature are available in Sanskrit, that way Sanskrit will be language of interest for many around the globe.Hindi will be initially taught in United States of India,it will also remain language of most speakers.I predict in long run only these 3 languages will survive, I may be wrong on this front.
My Role in Whole Transformation I will have two tasks side by side, First making people to understand that Sanatn Dharma is only modern religion which was not created by human.And my story have similar incidents that of Mahabharat and In some cases, Ramayan as well.

My second role would be to lead in making whole world a developed state.I will need whole world to work with me in this direction.My economic activities will start from India and USA but will have global footprint.At some point in time, my industries(enterprises) will be truly global companies.I would only pass my family and friends 5%-10% stack in my companies rest would be governed by some Trust