Making a case for Blogger : Blogger vs Wordpress

If you ask me which one is better choice self hosted Wordpress or Blogger with your own domain, I am inclined to say Blogger with your domain is much better choice. Don’t take me wrong, Wordpress is great blogging CMS and with ever-growing community support you can always get better features than Blogger. But why Blogger than?

  1. Most serious Blogger starts Blogging as Hobby -  When Blogging is not your full time business. Self hosted Wordpress blog facilitates a lot of cool features at the same time it brings administrative headache. One need to have some technical expertise and time to manage the self hosted Wordpress blogs. You should be prepare to take daily backup (or weekly back up) of database, keep abreast of security updates, and update your blog time to time. All these extra work is taken care by Blogger if you choose Blogger with your own domain.
  2. Blogger is feature rich as well – It may be true Blogger is not as flexible as Self hosted Wordpress blog, at the same time Blogger is feature rich as well. You can add Widgets. There are so many ready to use Widgets and flexibility to add HTML/Javascript widgets. It make Blogger platform as feature rich as well.
  3. Adsense Ready – Blogger blogs are Adsense ready and one can add Adsense code  with one click on the blog.
  4. Scalability -  Once a blog popularity grows and your blog is in top 1000 blogs of the world,self hosted Wordpress blog may give you scalability headache. On the other side, all scalability issues is taken care by Blogger. Even if your blog is number 1 blog of your niche, you won’t face any scalability issues with your blog.
  5. Visitor stats -  Blogger has introduced a rich visitor stats feature. Its cool.
  6. Cost – Self hosted Wordpress blog have hosting cost besides domain name cost while Blogger blogs with your own domain only have domain name cost.

In my opinion, if you are serious with Blogging at the same time just starting with Blogging you should choose Blogger  instead of self hosted Wordpress blog. I will be more than happy to hear your side of story.

The conspiracy

In last few posts I have dealt with the "Unclaimed Property" of Vigour SOlutions Inc and very genuine concern, that I have as far as my life and my father's life is concerned. Father and I have today evening IST moved from Savera Hotel Kadru to Ashok Nagar house.While construction is still going on, we decided its the place that may be free from manual intervention by so called friends and family.
Our address is (Papa and mine)
292/c, Road number 1
Ashok Nagar
Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

.However there are many red signals here. Don't be surprised if Father and I gets killed by poison or in an accident.In mean time, My divorce order is pending in court of Hazaribagh in name of correction. Don't be suprised if property is handed over to ex-wife Deepshikha and distributed among conspirators and their "God father".

I have penned down the incidents till 2007 and later added a few points based on learning in 2008-2011. Please read conspiracy at
Also, if you know someone in media please inform them.Alternatively you can help us by sharing it on your facebook profile.

Various documents related to Vigour solutions Inc and Unclaimed property can be found at
Please help.

Public WILL

As I mentioned in my last post at Unclaimed property of Vigour Solutions Inc. that I discovered unclaimed property of Vigour solutions Inc. I did contact Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation by email and over phone. I didn’t get any email reply of the mail but someone did pickup the phone. The lady informed Bill and Melinda Gates foundation doesn’t accept donations from third parties.

Based on my experience and possible conspiracy, I can say its big – big money. I don’t know what will happen to me today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Hence I am putting my WILL in public domain. In case, something happens to me before claiming “unclaimed property of Vigour solutions Inc.”. The money or proceedings should be distributed as follow.

My father Sri Arjun Prasad – 5%

My friend Nishant Kumar (who studied with me at IIT Roorkee and currently resides in Illinois) – 5%

My Upendra Prasad sinha and Dr Sugiti Sinha – Both resident of NJ and lives at harding ave, edison – 1% each

My Sister Vibha Sinha – 1%

57% will go to Government of Bihar,India – for infrastructure, Power,education, health and IT for masses programs.

30% will go to Government of Jharkhand, India - education, health and IT for masses programs.

My ex-wife Deepshikha  should not get any penny of the proceedings.


Donating Unclaimed Property of Vigour Solutions Inc to Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation

When I was in USA, I started a company called Vigour Solutions Inc in state of NJ. Before coming to India I dissolved the company. Today while searching for unclaimed property search in NJ state I found this company still have assets. Although I did dissolve the company thinking it don't have any assets.

I here forth declare that, whatever is the unclaimed property of Vigour Solutions Inc, I am donating it to Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation.

Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation.
I am trying to get in touch with them,If anyone knows their contact info,please do let me know.

Screenshot - Unclaimed property id is 11462183

Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322 Review and Price

I was looking for a dual sim phone with qwerty keyboard. Of course , support for GPRS data connection was a requirement as well. I narrowed it down to 2 phones one from Motorola (motorola EX115) and other was Samsung chat GT-C3222. Initially I wanted to buy Motorola because they had better screen resolution and better camera. However, They lack in service centers in most of the cities. So settled for Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322.

Product and Accessories I received with Samsung Ch@t 322 or Samsung GT-C3222 are

1 Main set – Dual Sim Phone
1 Battery
1 Travel Adapter – I don’t know why they say it travel adapter, its adapter you would need to charge it using AC current
1 Data Kit – Basically its USB data cable that would connect your phone to PC
1 Stereo Headset
1 Micro SD Card – 1 GB
1 CD containing Driver and PCStudio software from Samsung.

In most part of India reliability of mobile connection is an issue so most people like to have dual sim phone. I am no exception.Detailed product specification of Samsung C3222 can be found at Samsung website.

First thing I wanted to do after I bought was registering the product with Samsung. After using Nokia before, registering the product at Samsung was real frustrating.One can register the product after visiting the website. Pop up errors are very unfriendly either it doesn’t suggest the field or suggest wrong field like “"kindly check first name". After struggling for more than 15 minutes I aborted product registration at Samsung. If you are able to register your product with them, please share your tricks.

Finding a user manual of Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322 is real pain in the neck. You can find user manual for the phone by visiting. This manual is also supplied in hardcopy format with the product. What you need really is what Samsung says “Samsung Mobile Function Guide” for Samsung Chat 322. This gives you detailed information about various functionality of the various menu items. You can reference “Samsung Mobile Function Guide” below.

What comes in Samsung PCStudio CD:

  • Samsung New PC Studio
  • USB Driver
  • User’s guide

First you need to install Samsung New PC Studio (NPS). To do so please don’t connect device while installing it. After you are done install USB Driver. One great feature which I appreciate in Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322 is that is that while you are connected with data cable your phones gets charged. One feature which I miss, there is no support for Hindi Language in the phone.

GPRS plans in India is very cheap nowadays. There are plenty of applications available you may be able to use it. However, application memory for phone is limited. That said you can still run 4-8 applications of your choice by deleting some of the applications. Overall, A good phone for the price you pay it for. BTW, Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322 price in India is around 4400 Rupees. I paid rupees 4390 for the phone and I am happy with it. In next post I will write about various applications that I am using on this phone. Which Smartphone are you using? And have you used Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322, if so please share your experience with us.

Beware if you get any message from me or in reference to your email

  • My computer was bugged, I am still trying to find how it got compromised.From early investigation shows someone with physical access to the computer might have done this.
  • Hopefully, I have cleaned all rootkits and changed all important passwords.
  • I did saw a few emails were deleted from my inbox and sent mail.
  • Just IN case, someone did contact you after you sent me an email or I sent you an email.Please do bring it to my notice.

Domain Parking : SedoPro parking program review

Sedo’s domain parking program is available for anyone who has a domain. However SEDOPRO do have stringent requirement. On the positive side of it, You get better analytics and based on performance you can get Bonus on the top of what you earn from Sedo.
Feature of SedoPro
  • SedoPro Comprehensive Statistical Analysis Tool– You get a domain dashboard having different section for “Portfolio at a glance”, “High Traffic”,”Latest Additions”,”Optimization needed”, “Worst performing” etc.You also have access to visitors demography and languages. You can set for specific keyword in specific language.
  • Dedicated Account Manager – You will be assigned a dedicated account manager.
  • Bonus – Based on performance you can get Bonus from SEDO,that is up and above share they give to non-Sedo Pro member.
  • IDN – While entering the domain as well as on reports IDN domains are reported in native script. It makes task simple particularly when you are viewing a report. Some parking company puts it in punnycode which make it look like all French to me.
  • Please view enclosed Presentation to get an idea how feature rich the program is.
  • Generally, requirement for SedoPro is stringent, like 1000 domains or 200$ per month revenue from parking. You are expected to not to indulge in any click fraud activity. However, if you feel you have good portfolio please shoot me an email and I will recommend you to the world of SedoPro parking.They generally have good support by email however, sometimes you have to wait to go through ownership verification.It would be nice if SEDO can expedite the process.I do recommend SEDO pro as being its user myself for fairly long time.Please share your experience with Sedo Pro.

Story of Acquisition of गाना.com song: Deal was done on Google Chat

I have some metrics about domain गाना.com. I am also considering serious development work after company formation formalities are over.Based on my metrics गाना.com have valuation in 7 figure without development and with development sky is the limit in next two years.

I did know Mark and he is in my chat list . Previously I did low ball an offer to him for a different name. I did even offer to exchange one of my premium ASCII .com with that name. But he was interested in development or high 7 figure. Deal didn’t materialize but I did know I can’t low ball him this time.I shoot him and email then we started chatting.At 10:32 PM chat started, I offered him 2k USD for गाना.com. To my utter surprise he only counter offered with 3k USD. Now I knew I have not low balled him on this name. He asked me purpose of acquisition and I did tell him, I want to develop it.Which exactly my goal is.I just took a chance and counter offered him 2.5 k. Which he did agree all he wanted a little bit of professional services for me besides the cash. I enquired about scope of professional services work I was expected to do. He explained and as per my understanding should not take more than 1 hour. I agreed.

At 11:05 Pm Agreement was reached.

So lets make a deal I am getting गाना.com in 2.5k + some professional services you need.That is final right?

Next was payment, I wanted him to Pay after 18th of April. He insisted that payment should be immediate or I should pay him non refundable security deposit of 500$. After some negotiation I agreed to Pay immediately. At 11:51 PM payment was made.At 12:07 AM domain was pushed,by 12:16 AM I received the domain and updated contact.

Deal is done, but I am looking forward for long term relationship with. He is a gentleman having business sense and professionalism.

Did you buy any name so fast? Share your experience. And please do subscribe to RSS or email subscription if you like this blog.

Hostgator Shared hosting review and Hostgator Coupon codes

I do have hobby to play with different Content Management system. When I buy a domain that have some traffic, I do create a website for it. So far, All I needed is shared hosting with unlimited domain names support. One can always move to VPS or Dedicated hosting once traffic level increases. For all these experimentation I was okay with 1and1 till there robotic support terminated my account for stupid reason and asked me to open a new account. I am glad instead of listening to them I went with Hostgator.Here I am getting more features and personalized and knowledgeable support at a lower price.

I have Baby Corn Shared account with them,

  • Control panel they have is most popular CPanel that most of the webmaster are aware of.
  • I can add unlimited domains
  • Unlimited Mysql accounts
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Maximum Number of concurrent processes running 25
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

You can read detailed comparison of there plans Hostgator Plan comparison.

A few thing that they don’t publish are limitation with respect to Number of inodes, CPU and memory utilization. These should be fine for websites you want to begin with.

  • CPU utilization – maximum 25% of server CPU for 90 seconds at a time
  • Memory utilization – Maximum 25% of server memory
  • Number of inodes allowed – 2,50,000 – In a sense they do have limit on storage determined by number of inodes, but that is sufficiently large for most the work on shared hosting

They do provide Jailed Shell access, you will have to contact support after you buy the plan. Their email support is fantastic and do reply in timely manner. Not only that when I offered to pay 2 year in advance before my renewal they gave me nice discount. I am considering my first VPS with them soon.Highly recommended, have you used them? What is your experience with them?

Hostgator Coupon Codes :

hostgatorjindabad - 9.95$ off your order
hostgator4domainers - 25% off your order

Baby Corn Shared account price per month is 7.96$ per month and if you signup for 3 years you may get price as low as 6.36$ per month.

The Registrar I recommend for IDN domain name registrations: Review

Except for one of the IDN name I bought in secondary market all my IDN names are with, I am so impressed with their service.Why I like them
  1. Native character support to search an IDN. You can directly enter names in IDN like पेपर.com instead equivalent Punny code.
  2. They do recognize language of the domain with 95% accuracy,sometime you may have to choose a different language than suggested.
  3. They have good bulk search form, however its a little bit hiding from their main interface.You can find it here.
  4. They have option to pay from credit card/paypal or account balance.
  5. What I like most is their bulk operation, its very granular. Take look at screenshot.You can choose from “All” or “Selected” domains from your portfolio.
Bulk-Domain-Management6.  The only thing that is wrong with there bulk operation is the queue, sometime you have to wait for up to 72 hours to get your action completed.I have never waited so long but had to wait 48 hour in one case. But the feature is worth the wait. It saves time and we all know time is money.
7. There support is excellent I always get reply in timely manner and the support person is knowledgeable enough to answer your questions. Although, I have used email support on couple of occasion, generally you won’t need their support at all.
8. If you are a domain investor, they have domain investor club as well. They send  domain investor club coupon each month to their members. You need 25 domains in your account to be eligible for that. Although,, 9.99 price is advertised on their website for .com domain  registration or renewal, I get it at 8.25.
9. If you are using GoDaddy, You will never feel lost in clutter of controls, banner and urls. A welcome relief for domain professionals that care for their time.
10. Last but not the least, they are very professional and you can trust them for your valuable domain asset.
11. One more thing, you get WHOIS privacy services for free if you know their coupon code, almost all the time.
Most recent TLD they have added is .so.and registration cost $23.99 per .SO registrations.  This is a new TLD! There are still quite a few key word .domains left. Are you already using If so, please share your experience.Check them out.
Also, if you like the blog please subscribe by email or RSS.

Domain for sell : starting 100$ and no reserve

Cloud is buzz word in industry
Cloud based hosting is usage based on demand hosting. Amazon,Google etc all offer cloud , http://cloud.meare developed. There may be others I have not done research. was sold for  $22,500 on  Sedo between July 27, 2009 - Sun. Aug. 2, 2009.
This is .af afghanistan newly released tld. Registration cost at hexonet is 90$. I  believe  so would be renewal cost.
Starting bid 100$ - No reserve
If you are a company great investment for you and great brand for you, if you are a domainer you may buy to flip it quickly
Registration process is online and all update gets updated in real time.

7 Open Source And Free URL Shortener Scripts To Create Your Own

7 Open Source And Free URL Shortener Scripts To Create Your Own: "URL shortening services, with the popularity of Twitter, has a very wide usage, probably more than anyone had expected few years ago.

These services not only makes URLs shorter but more readable & trackable. Also, some offer features like password-protecting, custom URLs & more.

Although there are very succesful services like TinyURL or, you may still want to have your own as these services can be shut down one day like (a huge service that is closed yesterday – update: re-opened which was a good example for the stability risk of these services). Or, you may be asking for more/custom features."

Name Change : HI.FI.VC

If you are regular visitor of this blog you might have noticed name change.Based on users coming from,this blog is equally popular in USA and India. I did realize mobile browsers on Smartphones would be main platform to access internet in India till the time entry label Tablets with 3G capability falls in same range that of Smartphones Previous name was too long for users on such devices. So was looking for short name, was available, but I found hack makes it even more interesting.It rhymes like HI FI VERY COOL and HI FI VC.I haven’t blogged for a while due to be occupied with other stuff I haven’t blogged for a while. I will do more often going forward.

What you think of this new brand HI.FI.VC, your feedback will be appreciated.