Domain Parking : SedoPro parking program review

Sedo’s domain parking program is available for anyone who has a domain. However SEDOPRO do have stringent requirement. On the positive side of it, You get better analytics and based on performance you can get Bonus on the top of what you earn from Sedo.
Feature of SedoPro
  • SedoPro Comprehensive Statistical Analysis Tool– You get a domain dashboard having different section for “Portfolio at a glance”, “High Traffic”,”Latest Additions”,”Optimization needed”, “Worst performing” etc.You also have access to visitors demography and languages. You can set for specific keyword in specific language.
  • Dedicated Account Manager – You will be assigned a dedicated account manager.
  • Bonus – Based on performance you can get Bonus from SEDO,that is up and above share they give to non-Sedo Pro member.
  • IDN – While entering the domain as well as on reports IDN domains are reported in native script. It makes task simple particularly when you are viewing a report. Some parking company puts it in punnycode which make it look like all French to me.
  • Please view enclosed Presentation to get an idea how feature rich the program is.
  • Generally, requirement for SedoPro is stringent, like 1000 domains or 200$ per month revenue from parking. You are expected to not to indulge in any click fraud activity. However, if you feel you have good portfolio please shoot me an email and I will recommend you to the world of SedoPro parking.They generally have good support by email however, sometimes you have to wait to go through ownership verification.It would be nice if SEDO can expedite the process.I do recommend SEDO pro as being its user myself for fairly long time.Please share your experience with Sedo Pro.

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