Please don’t vote for Narendra Modi (BJP), here is why!

In coming days, India will vote for next government. Election is scheduled in seven phases from 11th April, 2019 to 19th May 2019. This will be extraordinary election in history of India. You should not vote for Narendra Modi (BJP), here is why.
  • NaMo has killed all institutions and trying to make India, a "Banana Republic", where anything (and everything) can be "managed".We need to sanitize India's politics.  Voting for BJP means helping NaMo to kill our democracy.We have a chance to take back democracy, please don't lose the chance.
  • Most of NaMo's achievements are symbolic in nature. Like, getting World Yoga's day declared by UN, Building tallest statue, start of bullet train from Mumbai to Ahmadabad etc.When it comes to development, NaMo has failed miserably. Following website summarizes the data about different indices where NaMo has failed, like unemployment, demonetization etc. Website uses reference of all  sources of data. Please go through each and decide yourself.
  • This was when NaMo tried to sell India (Indian Interests) to Google.Google was suppose to announce symbolic investment in India and in return,Google, would have got good chunk of "Looted" money.- wikileaks
  • If NaMo (BJP) comes to power again, gagging (and/or blackmailing)  of eminent personalities will continue to happen. It means democracy will continue to suffer. If you want to stop this, please don't vote for BJP. Even Nitish ji is firewalled and blackmailed!
  • Power comes with responsibility, It must never be misused, however NaMo is intoxicated with power and has forgot this simple "mantra" of responsible power.
  • Corruption is rampant in NaMo regime.One such example -
  • So, my request to all of you is, Please don’t vote for BJP, however , if you like you may vote for Nitish ji in Bihar, but no vote for BJP in Bihar as well.
  • Also my take, why Nitish ji should be next PM but not Modi.
  • Media is gagged, Unfortunately, like all institutions Media is gagged a well. The only media house, NDTV, is reporting news without bias. So, kindly watch NDTV.
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