Is wordpress with your own domain is better than Blogger?

I read a few professional bloggers posts regarding choice of platform for blogging. All of them says having your own domain based blogging is better. In long run, when you blog you create a brand. If one has Blogspot or based blogging it kills your brand.
  Other option one has is use Blogger with your own domain.Blogger provides step by step guide to do so.As per John Chow if you stick with these free services you compromise on feature.
So I have decided to try my own domain name as well as hosting. My choice of software will be Wordpress with plugins.

Yet another blog started but with a mission

Thousands of blog start everyday and many of them is one day affair. I started blogging in 2002 albeit on and off. I was a software professional and used to save resources in blog format.Today, I started this blog with a mission. Mission is that I would be a professional blogger.My plan includes networking with people and make it a group blog.
Why I chosen Blogger/Blogspot? In past, I did develop a few websites in part time with very limited success. Many of the websites got defaced. On some of the websites hackers have planted malware. It is a tedious task to maintain a website. Getting software to run a website or blog is simple work.There are open source alternative for almost all the needs. But it has limitations as well. Even Micorosoft Windows OS is prone to viruses because of security holes. So are open source alternatives that is used to create websites and blog. Keeping track with security patches of these softwares are pain in the neck.Based on my experience the option I had to choose between Blogger and hosted WordPress. Both are excellent software.Wordpress don't allow Google Adsense ad in free hosted version. So my choice is Blogger.
There are Limitation of Free accounts - In today's world success in blogging means using a lot of social networking  tools on your blog. Blogger doesn't provide all those tools to you. Blogger widgets fills some of the gaps. Still I feel Blogger needs improvement to include those tools by default.
OK this is the first post and you are welcomed on my blog.