A congratulatory message to President Trump.

Congratulations Mr. President, world will be a better and safer place under your leadership.Islamic extremists are clear and present daanger to the world.I endorse your views and actions in this regard.I also agree with your views about about N. Korea and war being an option,but it should be last option, in my opinion.
Like N. Korea, Pakistan is a failed state and moreover it has nukes.Only achivement of Pakistan since its inception is export of terrorists globally.Pakistan should be pursuaded to give up it nukes and close down terrorists factories and choose path of progress.
Non-democratic China is next big threat to the world.Pakistan and N. Korea are surviving because of non-democratic China.These three forms axis of evil.World should persuade China to choose emocracy,war is not an options against China, because it will endanger whole world.But world may choose to hurt China, where it matters most,may be banning its exports.If and when it happens citizens of China will revolt and china will be a democratic state.
Once Islamic extremists and non-democratic China are taken care of, I can assure you that world can be integrated/organized in such a way where defence expenditure of the world will be zero.If and when it happens whole world will be developed state and all conflicts of the world will be taken care of.Imagine Mr President, a scenario where Nobel prize for Physics will go to some African country as well.Whole world will work towards a better tomorrow for next generations.Once this happens humanity will progress so much in 5 decades which it has not done from beginning.In simple words,it will be heaven on earth.
I have great respect for you Mr. President, I also have great respect for President Putin.Cold war is a thing of past.I don't see a reason why USA and Russia can't be good friends and help each other in solving problems of the world.
Best wishes for your first term Mr. President, I am sure your achievements will easily give you second term.