Some events that proves Nitish Kumar is firewalled

  • On September 3, 2017 it was reported that JD( U ) would not claim any birth in Modi’s cabinet expansion.
“Ahead of the swearing-in, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had dispelled rumours that PM Modi may give berths to members of the JD(U) — the party joined the NDA fold last month. Speaking to reporters in Patna, Kumar claimed there was “no such talk of the JD(U) joining the Union Cabinet”.
  • On February 10, 2018, news came that JD(u ), wouldn’t fight by election.
  • I was not sure what was going on, because why would a party in democracy may leave influence to go lower.
  • Around same time someone hinted me,that Nitish  Kumar is blackmailed.
  • On 13th Feb, 2018, I posted on twitter – “Some time I feel that @NitishKumar is being blackmailed.”
  • On 16th February I tweeted Chetan Bhagat post, about how congress may win next year elections .
  • On 17th February,2018 – “BJP urges Nitish to field candidate for by elections”
“By-polls in Bihar Patna, Feb 17 (PTI) The BJP today urged its senior alliance partner in Bihar, the JD(U), to reconsider the decision not to contest upcoming by-polls in the  state scheduled next month.”

  • Subsequently, I posted  a blog post on 23rd of February 2018.
  • Once it became clear deepstate in New Delhi was blackmailing Nitish, he was enclosed by Firewall, who decides whom he would meet and what he would say.
  • On 23rd, February,2018 it was reported that Nitish returned from Japan but he “skipped” the press conference which he as supposed to do.
  • On 25th of February, 2018, Nitish Visited my neighbourhood in a park named “Manju Sinha Smriti Park”. Name of the park is in name of Nitish Kumar’s deceased wife.And it was her birthday.Around 20 people were seating on chairs.Everyone who entered in park had go through security check. When he arrived I wished him from 3 meters which he saw, but didn’t reply.I tried to to get closer but a security guy pulled me out.
  • On 27th feb, 2018 I posted on twitter
  • Recently his security is also,most likely,heightened so that he may not meet anyone who may help.
Indian Media is gagged, may be a foreign media may run this story with more research.