Theory of creation of Universe and God!

Before you read this article, please read, beginning of Time.

In first week of November 2016, I was admitted to CIP Ranchi. There I didn’t sleep for more than 3.5 months and all my biological functions were normal.During that period God communicated with me by influencing my intelligence and thoughts.It was like a question used to come in my mind and there were possible answers followed. One of the question that came in discussion was How universe was created and how God (name of God is Vishnu)  itself was created (or does it got created at all? Gita says God is “Ajanma” (Something that was never born). Earlier in my one of the post on Facebook I told that teaching of Gita are words of God.But at the same time I have also said  that Mahabharat (Gita is part of it) got modified and exaggerated with time. God says he was born, because Universe was created before him. I do agree that Universe was created from Big Bang.Since, Universe and God both got created, we may argue that there is a “Supreme Power” which had created Universe and God both.Name of the Supreme Power is Hemant.Then next question would be how supreme power got created. Thought a lot about it,Hemant (supreme power) most likely got created from light waves.Some kind of transformation happened in which light waves led to creation of Hemant (Maybe photosynthesis did happen, someday science will be able to tell us what exactly did happen,this is just a theory for time being). The Supreme Power had brain but not body. That was one of the reason there was need of one more power centre inside universe (Vishnu ).It also implies that Hemant was created outside universe.While Hemant didn’t had body, Vishnu had body, .Now next question would be how light waves got created. Light waves got created from singularity of infinite density (black hole). Singularity of infinite density can exist of its own it didn’t need to be created.

Hemant (The supreme power) had created Universe (by Big Bang) and God (human like appearance),but Hemant doesn’t interfere in day to day activity of God (Vishnu).

God has some extraordinary power, but all of that can be understood by science some day.It also implies we (as human) have long way to go.Devil was also created by Hemant by accident. I would explain why I think so in a later post.

Feel free to support or criticize my theory.You may also suggest some changes in comments.