conspiracy to fabricate father and me - update

After last post 1. on 17th December 2023, Dilip Singh, Nishant Ambastha, Kumar Kushagra visited our home and signed a paper and issued 3 cheques for remaining amount of of 3,89,54,415 for 1,29,84,805 each. They made it as they took all three deeds, for so called Certified copy of deeds. ON 18th December, they got my sign on Vanshavali and father and my sign on Power of attorney to Nishant Ambastha for taking copy of certfifed copy and other related work.
2. Vanshawali was Notorized on 16th December, on which I have signed. It was done on advise of brother Ranjan Bhushan.
3. on 26th December, I posed on facebook etc that They have not returned the deed, after that they returned the deeds.
4. Again on around 19th Feb,they took the deed of Mom, which they returned on 26th Feb.
5. Google , twitter and facebook etc are being manipulated
6. any documents has been manipulated like agreement to sell to Dilip Singh. Correction in name of Husband Bacchi devi, Father's application to Police, etc .
7. Bank accounts of father and me may have illegal transaction. Conspirators are manipulating online banking as well.