Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322 Review and Price

I was looking for a dual sim phone with qwerty keyboard. Of course , support for GPRS data connection was a requirement as well. I narrowed it down to 2 phones one from Motorola (motorola EX115) and other was Samsung chat GT-C3222. Initially I wanted to buy Motorola because they had better screen resolution and better camera. However, They lack in service centers in most of the cities. So settled for Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322.

Product and Accessories I received with Samsung Ch@t 322 or Samsung GT-C3222 are

1 Main set – Dual Sim Phone
1 Battery
1 Travel Adapter – I don’t know why they say it travel adapter, its adapter you would need to charge it using AC current
1 Data Kit – Basically its USB data cable that would connect your phone to PC
1 Stereo Headset
1 Micro SD Card – 1 GB
1 CD containing Driver and PCStudio software from Samsung.

In most part of India reliability of mobile connection is an issue so most people like to have dual sim phone. I am no exception.Detailed product specification of Samsung C3222 can be found at Samsung website.

First thing I wanted to do after I bought was registering the product with Samsung. After using Nokia before, registering the product at Samsung was real frustrating.One can register the product after visiting the website. Pop up errors are very unfriendly either it doesn’t suggest the field or suggest wrong field like “"kindly check first name". After struggling for more than 15 minutes I aborted product registration at Samsung. If you are able to register your product with them, please share your tricks.

Finding a user manual of Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322 is real pain in the neck. You can find user manual for the phone by visiting. This manual is also supplied in hardcopy format with the product. What you need really is what Samsung says “Samsung Mobile Function Guide” for Samsung Chat 322. This gives you detailed information about various functionality of the various menu items. You can reference “Samsung Mobile Function Guide” below.

What comes in Samsung PCStudio CD:

  • Samsung New PC Studio
  • USB Driver
  • User’s guide

First you need to install Samsung New PC Studio (NPS). To do so please don’t connect device while installing it. After you are done install USB Driver. One great feature which I appreciate in Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322 is that is that while you are connected with data cable your phones gets charged. One feature which I miss, there is no support for Hindi Language in the phone.

GPRS plans in India is very cheap nowadays. There are plenty of applications available you may be able to use it. However, application memory for phone is limited. That said you can still run 4-8 applications of your choice by deleting some of the applications. Overall, A good phone for the price you pay it for. BTW, Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322 price in India is around 4400 Rupees. I paid rupees 4390 for the phone and I am happy with it. In next post I will write about various applications that I am using on this phone. Which Smartphone are you using? And have you used Samsung GT-C3222 or Samsung ch@t 322, if so please share your experience with us.


  1. I bought a chat 322 but i have some problem with it. When i browse gmail it shows certificate experied. The secure server certificate is experied on my phone. I can't be able to use gmail app. What should i do.I bought a chat 322 but i have some problem with it. When i browse gmail it shows certificate experied. The secure server certificate is experied on my phone. I can't be able to use gmail app. What should i do.
    plz reply me my mail id is

  2. Hi,
    I have recently bought this phone but I am unable to add photo to Contact's as phone as the option. If I start adding it says "Contact not available" Could any one please guide me how do I fix this problem? Please sent e-mail in this regard to

  3. Just bought the phone. So far it appears to be good. One minor hitch so far. There are only trial version games. I am not much of a gamer, but my kid was disappointed.

    1. You can download and install games from

  4. It does not support hindi only square is displayed

  5. I got this phone and its quite a good one for its price, but mine did not come with the pre- installed tracker. IF ANYONE KNOWS HOW I CAN INSTALL IT PLEASE GET TO ME I WILL BE VERY GREATFUL.