The Registrar I recommend for IDN domain name registrations: Review

Except for one of the IDN name I bought in secondary market all my IDN names are with, I am so impressed with their service.Why I like them
  1. Native character support to search an IDN. You can directly enter names in IDN like पेपर.com instead equivalent Punny code.
  2. They do recognize language of the domain with 95% accuracy,sometime you may have to choose a different language than suggested.
  3. They have good bulk search form, however its a little bit hiding from their main interface.You can find it here.
  4. They have option to pay from credit card/paypal or account balance.
  5. What I like most is their bulk operation, its very granular. Take look at screenshot.You can choose from “All” or “Selected” domains from your portfolio.
Bulk-Domain-Management6.  The only thing that is wrong with there bulk operation is the queue, sometime you have to wait for up to 72 hours to get your action completed.I have never waited so long but had to wait 48 hour in one case. But the feature is worth the wait. It saves time and we all know time is money.
7. There support is excellent I always get reply in timely manner and the support person is knowledgeable enough to answer your questions. Although, I have used email support on couple of occasion, generally you won’t need their support at all.
8. If you are a domain investor, they have domain investor club as well. They send  domain investor club coupon each month to their members. You need 25 domains in your account to be eligible for that. Although,, 9.99 price is advertised on their website for .com domain  registration or renewal, I get it at 8.25.
9. If you are using GoDaddy, You will never feel lost in clutter of controls, banner and urls. A welcome relief for domain professionals that care for their time.
10. Last but not the least, they are very professional and you can trust them for your valuable domain asset.
11. One more thing, you get WHOIS privacy services for free if you know their coupon code, almost all the time.
Most recent TLD they have added is .so.and registration cost $23.99 per .SO registrations.  This is a new TLD! There are still quite a few key word .domains left. Are you already using If so, please share your experience.Check them out.
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