Story of Acquisition of गाना.com song: Deal was done on Google Chat

I have some metrics about domain गाना.com. I am also considering serious development work after company formation formalities are over.Based on my metrics गाना.com have valuation in 7 figure without development and with development sky is the limit in next two years.

I did know Mark and he is in my chat list . Previously I did low ball an offer to him for a different name. I did even offer to exchange one of my premium ASCII .com with that name. But he was interested in development or high 7 figure. Deal didn’t materialize but I did know I can’t low ball him this time.I shoot him and email then we started chatting.At 10:32 PM chat started, I offered him 2k USD for गाना.com. To my utter surprise he only counter offered with 3k USD. Now I knew I have not low balled him on this name. He asked me purpose of acquisition and I did tell him, I want to develop it.Which exactly my goal is.I just took a chance and counter offered him 2.5 k. Which he did agree all he wanted a little bit of professional services for me besides the cash. I enquired about scope of professional services work I was expected to do. He explained and as per my understanding should not take more than 1 hour. I agreed.

At 11:05 Pm Agreement was reached.

So lets make a deal I am getting गाना.com in 2.5k + some professional services you need.That is final right?

Next was payment, I wanted him to Pay after 18th of April. He insisted that payment should be immediate or I should pay him non refundable security deposit of 500$. After some negotiation I agreed to Pay immediately. At 11:51 PM payment was made.At 12:07 AM domain was pushed,by 12:16 AM I received the domain and updated contact.

Deal is done, but I am looking forward for long term relationship with. He is a gentleman having business sense and professionalism.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Please keep us posted on the development process and GOOD luck with the venture. congrats!

  2. Congrats on the purchase and good luck with the domain's development!

  3. Thank you Jeff and tee!. Actually My first development would be blog in Hindi should be up and running this week. And yes, I have chosen Hindi IDN for that.