Hostgator Shared hosting review and Hostgator Coupon codes

I do have hobby to play with different Content Management system. When I buy a domain that have some traffic, I do create a website for it. So far, All I needed is shared hosting with unlimited domain names support. One can always move to VPS or Dedicated hosting once traffic level increases. For all these experimentation I was okay with 1and1 till there robotic support terminated my account for stupid reason and asked me to open a new account. I am glad instead of listening to them I went with Hostgator.Here I am getting more features and personalized and knowledgeable support at a lower price.

I have Baby Corn Shared account with them,

  • Control panel they have is most popular CPanel that most of the webmaster are aware of.
  • I can add unlimited domains
  • Unlimited Mysql accounts
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Maximum Number of concurrent processes running 25
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

You can read detailed comparison of there plans Hostgator Plan comparison.

A few thing that they don’t publish are limitation with respect to Number of inodes, CPU and memory utilization. These should be fine for websites you want to begin with.

  • CPU utilization – maximum 25% of server CPU for 90 seconds at a time
  • Memory utilization – Maximum 25% of server memory
  • Number of inodes allowed – 2,50,000 – In a sense they do have limit on storage determined by number of inodes, but that is sufficiently large for most the work on shared hosting

They do provide Jailed Shell access, you will have to contact support after you buy the plan. Their email support is fantastic and do reply in timely manner. Not only that when I offered to pay 2 year in advance before my renewal they gave me nice discount. I am considering my first VPS with them soon.Highly recommended, have you used them? What is your experience with them?

Hostgator Coupon Codes :

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Baby Corn Shared account price per month is 7.96$ per month and if you signup for 3 years you may get price as low as 6.36$ per month.

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