1and1 hosting review I have a complaint

When I was in USA I choose 1and1 promotional plan and jumped to 1and1 hosting.I even promoted them on one of my website.I am not a big time webmaster, didn’t care about how their customer support behaves (never got an answer from support@1and1.com). I used to like SSH access which they provide.

I moved to India, a few days back I asked them to change my country to India as one can’t change country from control panel.They asked me fill account change form and send them with driving license.

Hi There,
1. I am attaching account change request form.Kindly see new address under
"New Owner".Also, please manually change my country in account panel,as
I can't change country.
2.My driving license is enclosed.
Once you change country name in my account.please let me know.
Thanks and Regards,

Couple of days passed, no action what so ever from 1and1.com side.So I sent two reminders.Then guess what, what I got.

Dear Axxxxx xxxxxxx, (Customer ID: xxxxxxxx)

Hi, unfortunately we cannot change this account to an indian account
because we cannot change the card on file to Indian payment. You will
need to order a new account with your Indian details and an Indian card.
We have set termination on this contract for 30 days. Please order a new
account with your Indian details if you wish to remain a 1&1 customer.
Thank you.
Security Team
1&1 Internet, Inc.

The payment option was Paypal,And card was never came in question.Also, note here instead of asking anything about payment they did onside cancellation. I replied to that email couple of days back but have not heard from them.

Hi There,
I am amazed.Payment mode is no more card on file but Paypal.I have forwarded
you scan document of account change and Indian driving license to prove my
credibility.This was the document you have asked earlier as well. If you
have to terminate why not just create an Indian account and move my settings,
files and domain under that account. Its hard to believe it is so difficult.
Particularly, in control panel it explicitly says contact customer care
for change of country.Why suddenly you people realized it can't be done?Why
you earlier informed it can be done after I send those document?I need an
answer for all these?I am in IT I may move again to USA for that
sake UK,each time do I have to cancel my account and create a new one?That's
what are you saying?I need answer for this and a solution not termination
notice.Please advice,
Thanks and Regards,

When I searched for 1and1 hosting complaints internet I felt guilty for why not checking this earlier.They are one of biggest and worst hosting company. Customer care sucks and never reply, when you contact abuse team they do reply but with robotic answer.What the worst they have done that locked my account probably,because I can’t login into my account.so my review of 1and1 hosting is avoid at any cost.

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