How to Hide Facebook friends list

By default, Facebook shows your friend list to whole world. Many people don’t want to show their friend list to public.Business man may not want to show his contacts to whole world. There are other scenario as well, some people want to protect their friend list from stalker.Facebook has made visibility of friend list very granular.You can make your friend list visible to everyone (Default),restrict them to friend of friends or friends.You may even hide from everyone (yes!face book have included this feature).You may choose to hide friend  list from specific person as well.

How to restrict Facebook Friend list visible to friends only

  1. Click on Account menu ---> Click on Privacy Settings sub menu


  2. It will open Privacy Settings page.Under Basic directory Information section, click on link “view settings”


  3. It will open “Choose Your Privacy Settings” ----> “Basic Directory Information”. Under section “See my friend list”.You may choose among everyone,friends,friends of friends,customize. Choose “Friends” option if you would like to restrict it with friends only.facebook-basic-directory-information
  4. If you are too paranoid you may chose customize option. It allows you to restrict with one additional option “Only Me”.In case,you choose this option friend list would be hidden from everyone.On this screen you may choose to “Hide this from” as well." You may use hide this from to selectively hide it from chosen people.


Its important to understand these settings are for human only.For the application you have given access permission to you account they always have this info.

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