Windows Live Writer Review as offline blog editor

Windows Live writer is a feature rich offline blog editor.Best part is its free and comes from Microsoft.First thing first, why to use an offline blog editor.There are many reasons to do that.

  1. I use Blogger for this blog, The editor at blogger is not easy if you have to create well formatted post, it becomes a pain.Try adding image in your blog using blogger, It doesn’t create link to the image.So, if image is big, a reader can’t just click and see full size image.
  2. It is easy to create ordered list and un ordered list in Windows Live writer.You can even create nested unordered list inside and ordered list.
  3. In Windows Live editor you may choose hyperlinks attributes easily like nofollow,open in new windows etc
  4. With WYSIWYG editor its easy to put a html table in your blog.
  5. You use add source code or consol output in you blog it has plug-in to help you format it better.
  6. When you are creating a long post it is hard to edit and maintain it in Blogger default editor.
  7. You cann’t track word count in Blogger default editor,Windows live writer helps you track word count as you type.

I used Windows live editor, for my last post having more than 2200+ words, I didn’t have to edit html source for more than couple times.Also, if you plan to edit html source itself,it is much easier to do in Windows live writer.Best part is that its free and do have some productive plugging you may choose to enhance your blogging experience. When I blog with Windows Live editor all I have to concentrate on content and not worry too much about formatting. Did you find this review helpful?

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