Public WILL

As I mentioned in my last post at Unclaimed property of Vigour Solutions Inc. that I discovered unclaimed property of Vigour solutions Inc. I did contact Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation by email and over phone. I didn’t get any email reply of the mail but someone did pickup the phone. The lady informed Bill and Melinda Gates foundation doesn’t accept donations from third parties.

Based on my experience and possible conspiracy, I can say its big – big money. I don’t know what will happen to me today or tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Hence I am putting my WILL in public domain. In case, something happens to me before claiming “unclaimed property of Vigour solutions Inc.”. The money or proceedings should be distributed as follow.

My father Sri Arjun Prasad – 5%

My friend Nishant Kumar (who studied with me at IIT Roorkee and currently resides in Illinois) – 5%

My Upendra Prasad sinha and Dr Sugiti Sinha – Both resident of NJ and lives at harding ave, edison – 1% each

My Sister Vibha Sinha – 1%

57% will go to Government of Bihar,India – for infrastructure, Power,education, health and IT for masses programs.

30% will go to Government of Jharkhand, India - education, health and IT for masses programs.

My ex-wife Deepshikha  should not get any penny of the proceedings.


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