Making a case for Blogger : Blogger vs Wordpress

If you ask me which one is better choice self hosted Wordpress or Blogger with your own domain, I am inclined to say Blogger with your domain is much better choice. Don’t take me wrong, Wordpress is great blogging CMS and with ever-growing community support you can always get better features than Blogger. But why Blogger than?

  1. Most serious Blogger starts Blogging as Hobby -  When Blogging is not your full time business. Self hosted Wordpress blog facilitates a lot of cool features at the same time it brings administrative headache. One need to have some technical expertise and time to manage the self hosted Wordpress blogs. You should be prepare to take daily backup (or weekly back up) of database, keep abreast of security updates, and update your blog time to time. All these extra work is taken care by Blogger if you choose Blogger with your own domain.
  2. Blogger is feature rich as well – It may be true Blogger is not as flexible as Self hosted Wordpress blog, at the same time Blogger is feature rich as well. You can add Widgets. There are so many ready to use Widgets and flexibility to add HTML/Javascript widgets. It make Blogger platform as feature rich as well.
  3. Adsense Ready – Blogger blogs are Adsense ready and one can add Adsense code  with one click on the blog.
  4. Scalability -  Once a blog popularity grows and your blog is in top 1000 blogs of the world,self hosted Wordpress blog may give you scalability headache. On the other side, all scalability issues is taken care by Blogger. Even if your blog is number 1 blog of your niche, you won’t face any scalability issues with your blog.
  5. Visitor stats -  Blogger has introduced a rich visitor stats feature. Its cool.
  6. Cost – Self hosted Wordpress blog have hosting cost besides domain name cost while Blogger blogs with your own domain only have domain name cost.

In my opinion, if you are serious with Blogging at the same time just starting with Blogging you should choose Blogger  instead of self hosted Wordpress blog. I will be more than happy to hear your side of story.

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