XAMPP for Windows Installation and Configuration

I had used LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) since long. My main laptop is dual boot with with good old Windows XP and Ubuntu.I use a few critical tools that need Windows and these tools runs almost all the time. Hence, working with LAMPP was not an options. I needed something similar on Windows. I wanted Apache with PHP and MySQL support. An easy to use environment where I can experiment with Joomla in short term and PHP and MySQL. As it would be an development environment, security was an non-issue.

XAMPP a easy to use (Apache, PHP, MySQL, PHP and Perl) environment was the thing I needed. Best thing is it comes for Linux, Windows,Solaris and Mac. Windows version have a few option as well.XAMPP for Windows exists in three different flavors:

Probably the most comfortable way to install XAMPP.
For purists: XAMPP as ordinary ZIP archive.
For purists with low bandwidth: XAMPP as 7zip archive.

I did choose 7zip format. Extracted in a folder E:\xampp and ran the program E:\xampp\xampp-control.exe. This program is known as XAMPP control panel. As the name suggests you can start  or stop the server component that comes with XAMPP.


I started the Apache and MYSql server and worked with dowloaded Joomla code as well as Phpxref for Joomla code documentation (using Perl). It worked with charm. No configuration was needed. This is great development environment on Windows. Also did use MOD_REWRITE with apache and result was pleasant.

I would highly recommend this environment to people who are looking for LAMPP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP and Perl environment on windows.

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