I support caste based census, here is why!

Caste is reality in India. There are forward castes and backward castes. Personally, If I had a choice, I would get rid of caste based identity as soon as I can.Personally, I have suffered a lot because of caste.Father of my first girl friend, did not allow me to marry with GF, because our sub caste were different. When It happened I was heart broken, If my friend Nishant was not there, I thought my life was totally destroyed.

Constitution has provided caste based reservation for social justice. Currently, the percentage of reservation in jobs and/or educational institute has been decided based on very old census or sometime just arbitrary number was decided like 27% for OBC, similarly for SC and ST. Once caste based data will be available, we will be in better position to provide benefits of welfare schemes in proportion with population of the caste.

So, does it mean that, I support, caste based reservation to continue forever? no I am not. Quoting from one of earlier post.

Reservation and Caste – Caste is reality in India.Caste based reservation exists because Caste based hierarchy exists in society. Reservation in jobs were created to bring lower caste, social upliftment .Unfortunately no matter how many jobs we create, we will never able to create so many jobs under reserved quota, which will make caste irrelevant.So, we need to change caste based job reservation. My proposal is take out 50% jobs from SC.ST and OBC and give it to couples who opt for inter-caste marriage. Let me explain, suppose a guy from ”Sawarn Caste” marries a girl from SC category.  Then, both of them will be treated as caste of girl. And one of the couple will be given reservation in Job under 50% quota. Also, Caste based reservation will only applicable for one generation, only. Reservation policy should be reviewed after every 10 years.

Do I make sense? Please provide your feedback by commenting on the post.

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