Flipkart : The Indian Connection

  • I don’t remember, when I did become  Flipkart affiliate. But first email from Flipkart came on 30 September 2013. Please refer “first-email-from-flipkart-Gmail - Affiliate Commissions for October.pdf”. My affiliate id is anjanbhush.
  • I have registered rim.co.in domain name in 2006 (Rim.co.in WHOIS-DomainTools.pdf), rim is 3 letters, dictionary word. To my surprise it had many type-in traffic (I have not saved exact count of traffic, but it was significant). When I researched more, found, People were assuming it to be Reliance India Mobile (RIM) site. Reliance Mobile were formerly known as RIM. RIM was part of Reliance Communication. Reliance communications was shutdown in December 2017.
  • Sometime before 30th September 2013, I created affiliate account at Flipkart. I directed rim.co.in traffic to Flipkart with affiliate ID. The expanded url can be viewed at “rim.wget.txt
  • Later in 2018, I created a micro site on ganaa.com and created a link for Flipkart.I have posted launch of website on Twitter and shared it on Facebook.Please refer “4-ganaa.com_launch-fb-against-community-guidelines.png” .Date of the screenshot says message was posted on 13th December 2018. Ganaa.com was previously parked and it had visitors metrics.You may view parked traffic details for a few month at Bodis. Please refer “Reports by Month - Ganna-2.pdf”. Ganaa.com traffic were  more than 200 uniques per day and this is natural type-in traffic.The expanded url can be viewed at “ganaa.wget.txt
  • Since Reliance India Mobile had shutdown its service in December 2017, we may assume that traffic of rim.co.in may have evaporated by December 2018. We  have Traffic report for January 2019. Please refer “Traffic Report _ Flipkart Affiliate Program-2-january-2019.pdf”, Most of the traffic since January 2019 must be from Ganaa.com. This file says traffic (clicks) for January 2019 was 381.There are two dates on which items were ordered as well, dates are 19th January 2019 and 26 January 2019. Report for January 2019 seems correct.
  • Now, lets examine Traffic reports for recent months. Please refer “dec-2019-Traffic Report _ Flipkart Affiliate Program.pdf”,”jan-2020-Traffic Report _ Flipkart Affiliate Program.pdf”,”feb-2020-Traffic Report _ Flipkart Affiliate Program.pdf”,”march-2020-Traffic Report _ Flipkart Affiliate Program.pdf”,”april-2020-Traffic Report _ Flipkart Affiliate Program.pdf”,”may-2020-Traffic Report _ Flipkart Affiliate Program.pdf”. For December 2019 traffic is 95, for January 2020 traffic is 107, for February 2020 traffic is 101, for March 2020 traffic is 62, for April 2020 traffic is 9 and For first 12 days in May traffic is 26. These traffic stats are manipulated. I started looking for traffic around 30th April so there is some improvement in May traffic , still these data are manipulated. Consider that Ganaa.com gets more than 6000 Uniques per month and only 9 people clicked the link on Ganaa.com in April 2020. There is only one action item on Ganaa.com that is link to Flipkart, so people either click Flipkart link or exit from the website, Ganaa.com.
  • On 16th Feb 2019, I posted link to ganaa.com on twitter and posted the concerned tweet on Facebook. At that time, my Facebook used to post the public status on Twitter.Please refer “ganaa.com_monetization.png”. I was expecting surge in traffic for Flipkart because of the post. But it didn’t happen. Please refer “Traffic Report _ Flipkart-after-link-on twitter.pdf”. So, most likely traffic for 16th April 2019 and 17th April 2019 were not natural.
  • Payments So far, only two payments had happened first in March 2014, for amount 2622 INR and in April 2024 for INR 5916. Please refer “payment-Report _ Flipkart Affiliate Program.pdf”. Please refer to  Snapshot of Dashboard on 11th May 2020, “pending-payment-Dashboard - Flipkart Affiliate Program.pdf”. Approved payment since last payment is 1303 INR. So in first 8 months payment was 8538 INR and in next 6 years after that, earning is 1303 INR. It seems fishy, particularly after adding Ganaa.com link  of Flipkart. If Traffic can be manipulated why not earning?
  • Orders Report – Previously, Flipkart used to show order reports since last payment. Now, it doesn’t. I have one saved order report taken on 15th December 2018. This is for a record. Please refer “15-dec-2018-Orders Report _ Flipkart Affiliate Program.pdf”. It also include approved payment.

All files referred in this post can be downloaded here. I wrote this post on 12th May 2020.

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