Amazon : The Another Giant

  • First time I found that some organization is manipulating commission/pageview was Later when started looking into Google stats came to know big players are also tried to manipulate these data.In Google found blogger logs, adsense logs and my earning etc were manipulated.Then I  started  looking into all venues where “unique users”/”page view” and commission matters.
  • I have long relationship with Amazon. When I was in USA, I was affiliate of My affiliate id was “sacredtext-20”. I don’t remember exact date when I became affiliate of, I don’t have email when my affiliate request was accepted.But. Most likely it was before 2003. I had a domain ( WHOIS, DNS, & Domain Info - DomainTools.pdf), which I let expired and someone caught it on 6th November 2003. Because of this domain my affiliate id at was “sacredtext-20”.When I moved back to India in July 2006, I changed contact etc, but continued to use the affiliate account. Last Monthly report for Associate ID sacredtext-20 in my email is of November 2015 (Gmail - Monthly report for Associate ID sacredtext-20 - November 2015.pdf).Last communication from is about “Tax Information Acknowledgement: Further Action Required”. Email has date 10 April 2017 at 18:10 (usa-affiliate-scaredtext-20.pdf). So most likely affiliate id “sacredtext-20” was terminated after 10th April 2017. But I have not received any communication from about termination of this affiliate account. Amazon should answer why and when my affiliate id was terminated.
  • When Amazon started their operation in India, I also applied for affiliate program. I have email “Gmail - Associates program - your application approved.pdf”,received on 27 March 2014 at 19:38. My affiliate id for was livelearnande-21.
  • Amazon’s affiliate account is tagged with Amazon customer account. For and my amazon account and affiliate account were same. Amazon allows email id or associated mobile number as login. My Amazon’s account and affiliate account were associated with email and mobile number 8987609669.
  • On 30th December 2018, I needed to buy two books from I decided to check if amazon is paying commission for my referrals. So, I created an URL with Amazon affiliate id(livelearnande-21) in the URL and bought the two books. I had saved snapshot of the order at the stage of items added to shopping cart.” Shopping Cart.pdf”. Unfortunately, I have not saved the page when orders were placed.I had even paid for the order.
  • When I hadn’t received any email communication from, I logged in into amazon’s account on 31st December,with user id and was dumbfounded.There was no order in account. I also saw that there was only one address in account.”9523099921-Your Addresses.pdf

anjan bhushan
road number 1, Ashok Nagar
Ranchi, JHARKHAND 834002
Phone number: 8987609669

In snapshot,”9523099921-Your Addresses.pdf” second address was added later. I had 10 address in my account, originally.

  • Important thing to remember that the default address associated with above account had phone number – 8987609669, It was same as Phone Number in “Default” address of account, which I have posted earlier.
  • When I tried to login in affiliate website of using email id, it had shown message in file “31-12-2018-default-account-amazon-affiliate-ban.png
  • It was very evident that there was manipulation done in my account. But I thought that, has reversed  my order of two books and deleted the old addresses in my account. Also, I thought had terminated my affiliate id livelearnande-21 without notice.
  • However, manipulation was more sinister. What did was reversed the order in account and put it back in “shopping cart” (say Old Account). After that, they created a duplicate account with same name, email and phone number (say New Account). And they marked New Account as default.In new account they created the address I mentioned earlier. But there was a glitch in their plan and that’s how I understood the manipulation.
  • I could have never understood the exact nature of manipulation. But what happened that I ordered Murphy ML-0040 Infrared Heat Therapy Lamp on 6th February, 2019, using default account(New Account). At that time I didn’t know that this was duplicate account. As soon as I placed the order, prompted a message. Unfortunately, I have not saved the snapshot of the message. But it was something like “Your mobile number is also used in other account” and it offered to change the mobile number. Then I changed the mobile number of default account (New Account) to 9523099921 from 8987609669.Just to make a point,Mobile number associated with new account was previously 8987609669,which is reflected in default address of New Account. Amazon processed the order and I did receive the article on 12th Feb, 2019.“Gmail - Delivered_ Murphy ML-0040 Infrared.pdf”, “Invoice.pdf”.
  • Next, I tried to login into old account using mobile 8987609669. asked for Credit Card Info saved in old account.”cc.png” so, finally I did login into old account. Then, I saw old account have all 10 addresses (“8987609669-Your Addresses.pdf”) were intact and the books I have ordered on 30th December 2018 were still in shopping cart ( Shopping Cart.pdf). So they did delete the order and manually cleaned the database. They have to go through this because they wanted to hide the fact that were not processing affiliate commission for my affiliate account.
  • On 8th April 2019, I thought, as has not deleted old account, most likely affiliate account that was associated with old account should work. So, I tried login into affiliate account by mobile number 8987609669 (old account). It was successful.
  • Account info of old account (8987609669) “account-email-same-old.png” and Account info of New Account (default) “login-info-secondary-account-Amazon Change Name, E-mail, Password.pdf” after changing mobile number from 8987609669 to 9523099921.Question is even if we discount the fact that both accounts had initially same mobile number as well, how come two Amazon account have same email? When you create an account with Amazon, they doesn’t allow duplicate email id in an account. amazon-duplicate-account.pdf
  • After login into affiliate account (old account) I saved files affiliate-8-april-2019-8987609669.png,affiliate-8-april-report-generation.png, Associates Central – Home.pdf ,1554740399273-Fee-Tracking-1518ff85-8757-4fed-9001-0b3e903ae474-XLSX.xlsx.
  • Only Monthly report from was received on 31 May 2014 at 00:48 ,“only-Gmail - Subject_ Monthly report for Associate ID livelearnande-21.pdf
  • 1554740399273-Fee-Tracking-1518ff85-8757-4fed-9001-0b3e903ae474-XLSX.xlsx says that between 1st January 2018 to 31st December 2018 total number of clicks were 186 and items ordered were 2. But other data is 0. How come when 2 items were ordered but not shipped and that’s why revenue was zero. Were those items (2 in number) were books which I did order?
  • As my laptop is bugged, conspirators do watch what I do. So, finally has terminated my affiliate account on 18 April 2019 at 04:22. Reason they provided for termination was “You haven't referred any qualifying sales for more than 365 days.” affiliate account was approved on 27 March 2014, Amazon should provide data about how many sales happened in entire period. I have never received any payments from for during entire period. So, why they have not terminated my account earlier? They hurriedly terminated the account as they didn’t want me to save more reports (evidences).” Associates Account - livelearnande-21 (1).pdf
  • Affiliate error saved on 24th April after termination of account “24-april-2019-8987609669-affiliate-error-after-termination.pdf” and account “
  • – is a Amazon’s website. It provides analytics about any website. Like Traffic, rank, search keywords used to access the site etc. I am posting 3 files for the record. First,  “ Traffic, Demographics and Competitors - Alexa.pdf” . Go to the section “Global Rank Alexa Traffic Rank”, Global rank of is 2,427,966 and Rank in India is 167,227.Percentage of visitors for from India is 65.1%. There are some other stats as well. Most likely, data about is correct, because previously was parked and I do have traffic details for  when it was parked.Second, “” “ Traffic, Demographics and Competitors - Alexa.pdf”. is subdomain of When you look at section “Global Rank Alexa Traffic Rank”, there are no data for Same is true for, “ Traffic, Demographics and Competitors - Alexa.pdf”. For sure, data about and are manipulated, so just keep these files for the record. When there would be some basis for correct data about and we will visit this post again.

All files referred in this post can be downloaded by clicking here. I started writing the post on 3rd May,2020 and Finished writing it on 5th May 2020..

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