GoDaddy : Me too!

  • 1.  Registrar for domain is Godaddy. Godaddy provides a tool where one may see number of times someone  searched for whois of a Godaddy registered domain. I have taken the data on 10th May 2020. Please refer 10-may-2020-godaddy.csv, there are large number of columns in the csv, you may have to go to end of columns to view whois stats. For convenience, I have taken snapshot of last few columns from 10-may-2020-godaddy.csv. Please refer godaddy-whois-count-vigour-com-10-may-2020.png. I am reproducing the relevant data below.
  • WhoIsCountsPrevDay











    6 is one of most controversial domain in history of domain names. Most of the domainers know me.  There are less than 1 whois view per day at Godaddy for, I will let you decide if data seems reliable or not.
      2. Please refer to last paragraph of post about Google, I am reproducing it.

      Warning by Google – This is about an email from Google which was received on 6th October 2016. When this happened I was hospitalized  in NIMHANS, Bangalore.My father was my attendant. NIMHANS has allowed me to access internet for an hour in computer centre on weekdays.I was busy in Facebook, Twitter, News etc. That was the time when election in USA was about to happen.When I started looking for “Anjan bhushan” on duckduckgo and google, they started diverting me from what I was doing. So, they used Google to send the email “Action required to comply with AdSense program policies” for a link on Why I think this was not genuine mail because for adsense on, I am using wordpress plugin for adsense.I haven’t modified any adsense link manually. What they were trying to achieve was diverting me from topics I was reading/doing on internet for an hour.So, I simply ignored this message. Google never sent second mail regarding this issue.

      3.  On 6th October 2016, itself (same date as email from Google), Godaddy sent an email as well. This was also done for diverting me to what I was doing. Please refer to 6-october-2016-Gmail - Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s).pdf. Why I think this is not just coincidence that both email arrived on 6th October 2020? Right? Because next email came from Godaddy for same issue on 8th December 2016.Please refer 8-december-2016-Gmail - Important Notice Regarding Your Domain Name(s).pdf. I have not seen Godaddy sending “ICANN Whois Data Reminder Policy” email in  interval of just 2 months.So, most likely email sent on 6th October 2016 was not just a coincidence.

      All files referred in this post can be accessed here. I wrote this post on 10th May 2020.




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