Microsoft : The Monk

  • – website is owned by Micorosoft. It provides stats about profile view in past 90 days. As all other logs (blogger, Adsense, Facebook,Twitter etc) are manipulated, so I guessed this should be true for profile views as well.I have two snapshots, in both of them profile views are less than 10. For a guy who was poisoned for supporting Donald Trump in November 2016, this data seems being manipulated.Please refer “9-jan-2019-LinkedIn.pdf”,”28-april-2020-linkedin.pdf”,”28-april-2020-linkedin-detail.pdf”.
  • On 8th May 2020, I did compare Bing’s SERP and SERP. I am putting it here for record. “anjan bhushan - Bing-1.pdf”,”anjan bhushan - Bing-2.pdf”,”anjan bhushan - Bing-3.pdf”,”anjan bhushan - Bing-4.pdf”,”anjan bhushan - Bing-5.pdf”,”anjan bhushan - Bing-6.pdf”,”anjan bhushan - Bing-7.pdf”,”anjan bhushan at DuckDuckGo.pdf”. There are couple of observations I would like to mention, First is page from is included in Duckduckgo but not in Bing. Second is क.com is included in Bing SERP,which is being directed at a page of, but is not included in Bing’s SERP.
  • I am using a Windows 10 laptop, I am using Microsoft Windows Defender as Anti-malware software.  Whenever I logon to the system using a non-administrative credentials 2 autorun command line programs start and exits quickly. So, far I am not able to figure out, where these settings are saved about these two command line programs.What I did observe that previously (more than a year ago) whenever I used to create a new folder a “hidden” file desktop.ini got created in the folder. content of desktop.ini is below.


As desktop.ini refers to two system dll, what is the possibility that shell32.dll, imageres.dll were modified. If it were modified this can’t happen with someone having source code of these system dll. So, what is the possibility that Micorosoft has modified it? I am not blaming anyone, but would like to know, what is the functionality of this desktop.ini? I would suggest more investigation about these two dll and desktop.ini.Windows defender never complained about desktop.ini or two dll that are referred in this post.Please download  “desktop.ini”,”imageres.dll”, ”shell32.dll”. imageres.dll and shell32.dll are big files (around 20 Mb),please don’t download it until you need it.

All files mentioned  in this post can be downloaded here.Started writing this post on 8th May 2020 and finished writing it on 9th May 2020.

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