Background : Some Facts and Figures

Most likely you might have read my conspiracy blog . Blog was created between 2007 to 2014, I did share link of the conspiracy blog in some of signature on different and on Facebook and Twitter. Slowly but surely more and more people read the above blog.But I only came to know about large number of audience in 2016.Unfortunately, all server logs and affiliate logs are manipulated. Even server log of are manipulated.First thing first, what above blog is about!

  • The Conspiracy in brief

CIA has used my identity to accumulate assets worth around 2.5 Trillion USD. They wanted to manipulate my marriage to get back the money (please read the conspiracy blog).On October 28th, 2016, I posted following on Facebook.

“Value of assets of Vigour Solutions Incorporated is significant and comparable to India's GDP.May be in Trillion.More than 3 Billion has been spent by them to buy people and entities.”

Subsequently posted another message on Facebook

““Most likely, assets of Vigour Solutions Inc are patents.”

After these post, my above data got validated by CIA itself. Using one of my friends Newsfeed, they posted -

“You (anjan) are involved in intellectual property theft.You are involve is wire tapping and hacking. Law enforcement agency of India is after you.Law enforcement agency of USA is after you.I (CIA) is after you. Have sleepless nights.”

At that time CIA and IB were trying to reach everyone who knows me and buy and/or bully them, that was the reason they did spend 3 Billion USD by that time. That is also one of the reason more people were searching for me on internet.

  • How many people know me?

My rough estimate is 20 millions to 80 millions people in this world know me.since all logs are manipulated, we can’t extrapolate exact number of unique users from them. But we can correlate approximate number users by one of the incident.

On 4th November 2016 I posted followings on twitter:

“After wikileaks leaks, My Predication is that @realDonaldTrump would be next President. @realDonaldTrump sir, finish your campaign wisely.”

On 4th November 2016 itself, posted another message on twitter,for Trump:

“ Sir, you have my blessings.Whatever you need is available.Find more about me.”

On 4th November 2016, posted following message on Facebook and Twitter:

“Every one should know

Above message was so damaging to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton (because of large number of users who read Facebook and Twitter) that I was poisoned.I was poisoned so that I could not have damaged chances of Hillary Clinton to become President of USA. So,Number of people who read my FB and twitter are in millions. I successfully vomited  poison with food twice and I survived.

Also as everyone know, even after  large scale manipulation by Democratic candidate Donald Trump won the election. This gives rough idea about people who know me (which certainly are in millions).

  • Manipulation of my online earnings : is possibly largest matrimonial (match making) website whose targeted audience is Indian and NRI diaspora. They were used to manipulate my affiliate earnings.You may read the post by visiting 

Yet, compared to Fortune 1000 organizations is small. In coming weeks I will post evidences where Fortune 1000 organizations were used to manipulate server logs and/or my earnings from online presence.

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