Why it’s right time to invest in .vc ccTLD!

This article is intended for domain name professionals and domain name investors. If you not know, what a domain name is, please read, What is a domain name!

About .vc ccTLD

Quoting from Wikipedia - .vc is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Registration is open worldwide, and it has been used for a variety of sites not necessarily related to that location; it can also be seen as standing for "Venture Capital", "Ventura County", "Version Control", "Video Conferencing", or other things, like an informal, but common, abbreviation of "você" ("you", in Portuguese). In this way, ".com.vc" could be understood in Portuguese like ".with.you" would be in English. .vc is sometimes mistaken for being the ccTLD of the Vatican City State, which is .va.

How many TLDs are at present

There are 1203 new TLD and 255 ccTLD. If we add original launched gTLD, total number of  TLDs will be around 1500.

Stats about top 100 websites of the world

source : Top 100 websites of the world with Traffic

TLD Number of websites in top 100
com 72
org 3
ru 4
jp 5
br 2
ly 1
tv 1
cn 2
de 2
uk 3
it 1
be 1
es 1
in 2

Traffic on 100th website news.yandex.ru is 0.33 billion monthly visitors per month.Out of top 100 websites, two are url shortner, bit.ly and Youtu.be, they can’t be treated as website.

Current and projected stats of hi.fi.vc

Currently all of stats for my blog website hi.fi.vc is manipulated. The projected traffic details of hi.fi.vc would be proportional to, how many people in this world currently know me. My estimate is that somewhere between 20 million people to 80 million people know me by name. How  I arrived to the figure that  millions of people know me? Valid question.When November, 2016 I shared this news at Facebook and Twitter, I was poisoned.I survived. Even though Hillary has managed media and bank etc, Trump was elected. Since I was poisoned and subsequently Trump won, it was for sure that at least few millions American voters knew me.

When my story will be known to world and it would be covered by mainstream media, number of people who will know me will be in Billion.Now, just assume that 1 Billion people will know me and I post 1 article every month on hi.fi.vc and 50% of people who will know me read the article.So,the traffic of 0.5 billion monthly visitors per month will be recorded for website hi.fi.vc. 100th website news.yandex.ru has 0.33 billion monthly visitors per month.It implies hi.fi.vc would be in top 100 websites of the world.

Impact when hi.fi.vc will be in top 100 website of the world : .vc will go mainstream and will be used globally unlike popular ccTLDs .ru, .jp, .uk, .cn, .it, in etc which is mostly used for respective country.Of around 1500 TLD, .vc (because of hi.fi.vc) will have a presence in top 100 websites of the world..vc have better future than .tv, io, .co etc, I even predict .vc will be better placed than .net.

Cost of registration and renewal of .vc TLD : cost of registration and renewal of .vc TLD is slightly on higher side. It is around three times that of .com. I think as vc TLD will become popular registry may reduce the cost as well. Even at this price acquiring a premium available .vc TLD is much better than registering random 3 words .com and sometime even 2 words .com. But many of the premium .vc names will not last unregistered for now, so this is right time you ride on .vc TLD train!

When It’s going to happen?  I predict my story is going to be mainstream in maximum one year!

In case, you would like to know, my .vc portfolio, please click here..

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