Agenda for Narendra Modi Ji’s second term

NDA has swept the general election of 2019. Following are agenda for the government in my opinion.
  • Education  – I have said before on FB, School education should be free so that it is available to all. All state have government schools, but standards of these schools  are low compared to private schools.Only Delhi has high quality government schools. GOI should work with all states to improve quality of school education. There should be good infrastructure for these schools (Building, Bench, Desk etc) and adequate teaching staff.
  • Skill development – current trend in education in India is most of people opt for a degree. After 10th and 12th, people should be encouraged to choose certificate curriculum. These certificate should develop some or other skill that is demand in market. These certificate courses should be subsidised.So, that most of the people choose certificate course after 10th and 12th. Higher education (graduation and post graduation) should not be subsidised. In case, someone wants to study higher education, they should have interest free loans available.
  • Development of Programming aptitude in school – currently India have around 2.8 million people working in IT and ITeS. Not all of them are programmer. There are many survey that shows that most of engineering graduate are not  employable. In my opinion, school should be the place where guys should be introduced with programming aptitude.That is needed if India would like to have fair share in knowledge based economy.  Guys should be taught Shell-scripting in standard 6th, HTML and CSS in standard 7th, JavaScript in standard 8th, PHP and MySql in standard 9th and 10th, Java in Standard 11th and 12th.Also, if someone wants to pursue programming school after school, subsidised certificate courses be available to those as well. The skill which I have listed may power individuals too start their own venture as well. That will make millions of entrepreneur who will not just will be self-employed but employer as well.  
  • Languages that should be taught  in school – In next decade Hindi will be international language. Australia has realized that and they have included Hindi in school curriculum.In India, if someone don’t know Hindi they will lag in a must skill. Centre should work with states to include Hindi in curriculum. English is already an international language, so GOI should work with states to include English in curriculum. A Hindi state, may choose Sanskrit as third language. With more and more people will adopt Sanatan Dharma, Sanskrit will be a sale-able skill as well. However, non-Hindi state may have a regional language as third language. If someone wants to learn Hindi, English or Sanskrit after school, these skills should be available as certificate course as well.
  • International Eligibility Test for Sanatan Dharma Priest –  Traditionally, only Brahmin performs duty for Sanatan Dharma Priest. We need to change this, so that whoever is eligible as priest job can perform it. This will also create a society where caste will be immaterial. The eligibility criteria for such priest should be a graduate in Sanskrit.
  • Investment in Super Computing – When Rajiv Gandhi was PM, USA refused to sell super computer to India.After that Rajiv ji has created CDAC (centre for development of advanced computing), which in turn created first Super Computer (PARAM). We need to invest further so that India is in club of modern super far,Our weather prediction computing is not accurate. India should invest in CDAC so that they may build best super computers. They should also work with Indian Statistical Institute to develop different solutions which use super computers.Also, all IIT and IISc should have access to super computer for their research work.
  • Reform in Agriculture – Agriculture is bread and butter for most of Indian population, but our agriculture is broken. Centre should work with states to promote co-operative farming. This will help to use modern technology in farming.Also, soft loans should be available for agriculture sector.
  • Reservation and Caste – Caste is reality in India.Caste based reservation exists because Caste based hierarchy exists in society. Reservation in jobs were created to bring lower caste, social up-liftment .Unfortunately no matter how many jobs we create, we will never able to create so many jobs under reserved quota, which will make caste irrelevant.So, we need to change caste based job reservation. My proposal is take out 50% jobs from SC.ST and OBC and give it to couples who opt for inter-caste marriage. Let me explain, suppose a guy from ”Sawarn Caste” marries a girl from SC category.  Then, both of them will be treated as caste of girl. And one of the couple will be given reservation in Job under 50% quota. Also, Caste based reservation will only applicable for one generation, only. Reservation policy should be reviewed after every 10 years.
  • Healthcare – Delhi government has shown how a developing economy can spend on healthcare, centre should  replicate this successful model in other states as well.
  • Independence of Institutions –Democracy only works, when its relevant institutions are powerful and independent.  Like CBI, IB, ED,EC,RBI, Judiciary, etc. There were several occasions in NaMo Part 1, where these institutions were misused. I hope, in second term Narendra Modi, ji will work over it.
  • Media – Media is fourth pillar of democracy. Media should be free and fair. To reach this milestone, we should have a competitive government controlled media. Government, controlled media should be reliable and free, it will make all other media houses to follow the same ethics as government controlled media.
  • Beef and Pork – There are about 4 million Indian origin persons living in USA. If given an option 99% of Indians will choose to migrate to USA. While in USA, almost all restaurant serve beef and pork and all grocery stores sells beef and pork. Most of Indian origin persons don’t eat or buy beef or pork.But, they choose to eat in same restaurant and buy from same grocery stores.They simply ignore presence of beef and pork in restaurant and grocery stores. So, my question is why in India we can’t ignore beef  or pork selling restaurant or grocery stores. Government should not indulge in banning beef or pork, people should be given freedom to eat , what they want to eat.
  • Sports – Sports should be compulsory in school curriculum. Sports like Kabaddi and Kho-Kho, doesn’t need large infrastructure. Tournament of say, Kabaddi should be at school level, district level, state level and national level. Prize money of national level tournament should be very lucrative, so that candidate may think of being professional sportsperson.There should also be KPL (Kabaddi Premiere League).
  • Expanding influence of Santan Dharma – Story of my life has told that God exists and God takes avatar when needed. This is what Sanatan Dharma were teaching by two historical epic – Ramayan and Mahabharat. As more and more people will know my life story, they will adopt Sanatan Dharma practices.They don’t need to convert to Sanatan Dharma, they can just practice it. We don’t need any government intervention for expanding influence of Santan Dharma. Litti Foundation (Trust) will do this work.
  • Ram temple – Ram was avatar of God, He is not just mythological character.So, He is ancestor all Indians.  Ram Temple should be built in Ayodhya. I request all Muslim brothers and sister to forgo their demand for Babari Masjid at disputed site.At same time, I am against any government intervention to build the temple. Temple should be built by dialogue. If dialogue, is not fruitful, we should wait for decision by judiciary of India.
  • Ramayan and Mahabharat, – Ramayan and Mahabharat is not myth, they are lost history of India. It is possible that with time, Ramayan and Mahabharat was modified and exaggerated. But soul of above stories are intact. So, Government should work with states to teach Ramayan and Mahbharat in schools.
  • United States of India -  If you have read my previous blog post , One of purpose of  my life is Unification of world in one political entity where there would be no need of defence expenses.In first step, we will need unifications of countries in about 10 entities. India would be part of United states of India. Once, my story comes out, Government of India should take lead and start working on dialogue, which will transform to United States of India.Please read the blog post about structure of United States of India.
  • Kashmir – After United states of India will become a reality, current Pakistan will be part of it. There would be no Kashmir issue after the transformation.Until this happens, Government should take lead and solve Kashmir issue temporarily.This can be done by declaring Line of Control between India and Pakistan as international border. This will be solution for few years and then anyway Pakistan will be part of United States of India.  
  • Liquor – Liquor is banned in Bihar and Gujarat, I am against complete ban on liquor. As I have said before, common man in society should be materialistic and afraid of GOD. This is necessary for continued progress of human race. A materialistic society creates demand for product and services, which introduces innovation, which makes human race progressive. Occasional liquor consumption is for pleasure. Habitual liquor consumption should be discouraged. If it is not possible to control habitual liquor drinking, Government should ban hard drinks like whisky etc. Wine and Beer should not be banned. 
  • Family Planning – we need to enforce family planning by multiple means, like as Baba Ramdev has said, may be no government job for third child. There are many possible steps can be taken in this regard.
  • Infrastructure -  We should continue building National Highways, State Highways and connecting all villages by road at war footing. Railway will remain important form of transportation for most of Indians. We need more railway tracks and high speed trains. Trains should run on time. As we progress there will be more demand for airports.
  • Research and development – Premiere institutes like IIT, IIM, IISc etc should be encouraged to work with industry to do Research and development work. We also have Government research institutes, they should also be encouraged to work with industry and do research and development work.
  • Intellectual Property  - Patent process should be simplified so that anyone who has an idea can patent it.

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