Unification of world in one political entity

Almost all countries of modern world are created based on religion, language or ethnicity (race).There are 196 countries in the world today,if you count Taiwan. All these countries (most of them, if not all) have its defence expenses.This is a big chunk of budget.There are few boundary line disputes that make this matter worse.So, my point is, if we may create countries based on mutual trust defence expenses will go away and we may have a lot of money to make the world as developed state.
Out of religion, language and ethnicity;integration of ethnicity would take maximum time.Because it means any person may marry any other person in the world.It would need all human to travel and migrate in any portion of the world. Unless there is a need integration of language will not happen.However, integration of religion may be possible in least time (may be 5 years). Followers of modern days major religious group as per Wiikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_religious_groups
Religion Population in Percentage
Christianity 31.5%
Islam 23.2%
Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma) 15%
Buddhism 7.1%
Folk religions 5.9%
irreligion (not a religion) 16.3%
The major difference between Sanatan Dharma (Hindusim) and all of the other mentioned in above table is the fact,that there was a human who started them.Sanatan Dharma was started by no human being.Different rituals were added in Santan Dharma but one may chose to practice those rituals or just ignore that and still would be called a Hindu (Sanatan Dharma). Sanatan Dharma is also the oldest religion of the world. All of initial literatures of Sanatan Dharma are available in Sanskrit.
One of my task is to inform whole world about Mahabharat and My Story (say it “Mahabharat 2”. People will be inspired to adopt Sanatan Dharma (Even if they may not want to convert to Sanatan Dharma).In current world there are so many media options like Print, TV, Digital Media (Social Media is part of it) that message can be delivered to everyone in 5 years.It will lead to unification of world religions.
Only unification of world’s religion won’t  be enough.We need solid model to convert whole world into developed entity.It needs a few stages before world can be united as one entity.
Stage 1 Persuading one of major power of today’s world China to accept democracy. With current communist government Chinese media is very much regulated.This has to end. Second priority in Stage1 is getting rid of world from Islamic extremists.Once we take care of these two, first level Political integration(read countries) can be done.Let me explain it in Stage 2.
Stage 2 Countries of the world after stage 2 level
  • European Union – EU as a country (including Britain) would be the easiest thing to do.As they already have single visa and currency.
  • United States of America – Canada is not part of U.S.A, but have similar economy.Both of the countries can be integrated as USA.
  • United States of Russia – Ex-USSR countries can become one country again.They were together before USSR was dissolved. So, they have some common history are heritage.
  • United States of Australia – It will include current Australia and New Zealand. Also some of small small countries in vicinity of Australia would be part of it.
  • Unites states of India – It should consists of countries Iran(why iran?), Afghanistan, Pakistan. India, Srilanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tibet (why Tibet? ), Burma (Why Burma?), Bhutan,Bangladesh, Thailand (why thailand?),Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos,Malaysia,Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei
  • United States of Korea and Japan – Currently Japan and South Korea have similar economy (GDP/per capita).However, What I propose is that Japan and whole Korea get together.
  • United States of Middle East -  Once religion gets unified Israel and all other Arab countries (I don’t treat Iran as Arab) can co-exist as one political entity.
  • United States of China – It would include current China except Tibet.Taiwan will be part of it.Magnolia will be allowed to be part of United States of China, if it wants that.But any such political integration won’t possible until China becomes a democracy.
  • United states of South America and Caribbean – Its obvious what I mean by this category.
  • United states of Africa – Its is also obvious.
So as per my vision, after religion (or side by side) adopted in one religion, Sanatan Dharma, world may be integrated in 10 political entities and by doing so all conflicts of the world would be taken care of.That means world will have huge amount of money for FDI in developing countries,and it will be right direction in progress of the world.
Stage3 Integration of Currency
Once some level of development happens to all developing economics, world will be ready for single currency.It will take out any currency manipulation by any other political entity.
Stage4 Final political integration of the world.By then, world will be developed state, all 10 states can merge in one entity.World will be just one country, minimum languages.There will be no visa-passport, anyone can live in any part of world and can marry in same or different ethnicity.World will be a heaven all countries of the world will be together.
Side Effect on languages of the world
English will remain language for maximum communication around the world. Whole world would like to know more and more about Sanatan Dharma.Most of Sanatan Dharma literature are available in Sanskrit, that way Sanskrit will be language of interest for many around the globe.Hindi will be initially taught in United States of India,it will also remain language of most speakers.I predict in long run only these 3 languages will survive, I may be wrong on this front.
My Role in Whole Transformation I will have two tasks side by side, First making people to understand that Sanatn Dharma is only modern religion which was not created by human.And my story have similar incidents that of Mahabharat and In some cases, Ramayan as well.

My second role would be to lead in making whole world a developed state.I will need whole world to work with me in this direction.My economic activities will start from India and USA but will have global footprint.At some point in time, my industries(enterprises) will be truly global companies.I would only pass my family and friends 5%-10% stack in my companies rest would be governed by some Trust

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