Notepad replacement Notepad++ Review

Notepad is probably most basic application included with all versions of Windows.Notepad is a simple text editor.On Windows if you are looking for something better than Notepad, you may choose WordPad for text editing.There are certain features that are not available in Wordpad, like tabbed document support.Also, Wordpad purpose is more likely basic word processor where you can make text bold italic etc.But if you are just looking for a text editor which do much more than Notepad.Its Notepad++,it is free and open source as well.

For casual programmers who modify code this is must to have,it support syntax highlighting of almost all available language.A good tool to modify your html or php files.It support tabbed documents.Some of the other features of Notepad++ are

  • Auto completion
  • Line numbering
  • Regular expression support
  • Find and replace in multiple files support – To search for string or literal in files in certain directory,its useful tool
  • Show all characters support – It help you see control characters like – new line character etc as well.
  • UTF-8 support to edit even files in Hindi
  • Column Editor – If you want to add certain text before each column of certain number before each column, this feature is useful
  • Indent support
  • Block select mode- where you can select columns instead of row and use column editor if you need.

Overall a must have text editor for everyone.A right replacement for your notepad.You may download Notepad+= from their website.

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