It’s now or never,Develop your Hindi .COM IDN now!

You have invested on Hindi IDN waiting for it to go prime before you start developing or selling it to right buyer,if this is your strategy it won’t work.Accept the fact that Hindi IDNs or for that matter Indian IDNs are different that Chinese or Russian IDN. Except parked domains and minisites, no one have ever visited a real Hindi site.Except domainers no one knows about it.Well, people will know about .com Hindi IDN one day that may be your point! Unless a at least few hundred Hindi is developed right now it may not happen.
To put my point, I will use for proposed Indian version of IDN.IDN and for aliased version of Hindi
What may happen if Hindi is released and Hindi domains remains  undeveloped
  1. .com is King because of first usage of .com. All major companies adopted it. dotCom boom marketed this TLD as they all almost opted for it.Millions of dollars (or should I say billion)were spent on indirect marketing of .com TLD. But, consider a scenario when Hindi are not developed and Hindi is released. The competitor of will be aliased version of TLD.Given a choice that I have to type complete domain name in Hindi including the TLD part भारत or कॉम, both extension will be new for will no more remain .com it will become कॉम.Someone needs to market this “new” .com(कॉम) extension.
  2. If Hindi remains undeveloped the first site(if it is very big) or first few site which goes online  may set the trend of कॉम or भारत choice.You may say that .com(कॉम) may be used for global content and .भारत will for local content.That may not happen as almost all Hindi tld will be targeted for Indian, Hindi speaking population.In sense,they will be true competitor.
  3. Also keep in mind,if company like Google ever opt for IDN Hindi domain,they may choose .भारत.So if you wait,you are on mercy of outcome of early adopters.
  4. Also, keep in mind, millions of native users are not online because language do have barrier for them,there are a lot of house wives in India who do have Internet(computer) at home but don’t simply use it because they don’t know English.Adoption of Hindi in general and Hindi IDN in particular will open door for many millions of internet user in coming decade.For them .com won’t matter as well.
  5. Even for Bilingual users (who will form initial user base for Hindi IDN based websites.) it would be easy to remember complete name including after .(dot) in Hindi(devnagri) unless they are used to type in domain name in Hindi (devnagri) and and they can form a habit to type .com in roman(it’s some work as you have to change keyboard layout) after first part of the domain.Unless, this window of opportunity is capitalized  to get attention of these user (which is now, before release of country level, advantage of being .com will be lost.
  6. On bright side to see this is, that even .net investor will be at par with .com if none of them is developed soon. Because,after aliasing both will be “new” extension.
  7. Adult domain may still survive even if Hindi is not developed now,because Indian registry doesn’t permit use of domain for adult content.So, if Hindi IDN .com left undeveloped your only hope will be if someone develops few popular adult sites and make .com or कॉम competitive.
I have not invested in Hindi .com  IDN, a lot but I do have 4 Hindi 3 are one letter .com which are better left undeveloped. I am planning to register my 5th one soon (yes, I have decided the name) and develop it.That’s means I will develop 20% of my portfolio, are you committing to develop at least 10% of your portfolio?


  1. This is a good post Anjan.

    Have you considered the brand appeal of .com ? What I mean is that I think .com is a brand and that people that already publish on the internet, whether they have a blog or a full portal, will probably favor .com(कॉम) over .in(भारत).

    Let's consider the webpage of a Hindi newspaper that already publishes articles in Hindi. This newspaper has a .com domain. When it hears about IDN.IDN, it will most certainly register a devnagri domain. Will it be [devnagri].कॉम or [devnagri].भारत ? I think it will be .com over .in, the same way is sometimes favored to .in

    I agree however that this is a good time to develop and I certainly agree that if there's a hundred of top already developed once aliasing comes, it won't hurt the status of .com in India.

    Let us know about your development efforts.

  2. 1. JS Why it will be .कॉम over .भारत is brand but .कॉम is not a brand.That is my whole point.We have to create awareness among people that [devnagri].com website exits so that even after aliasing, we have an edge for .com or कॉम.
    2.On the other hand if both remains undeveloped even I will prefer .भारत than .कॉम because .भारत is meanigful.

  3. .com > .in > > .भारत

    Pretty much forget about .कॉम imho.

    Not that I think any Indian IDN is worth investing in for the next few years.

  4. Samit,
    I am quite encouraged by one of my hindi amateur project.Its getting 200 visit just purelyu because user is typing that term in Hindi and domain name is exactly same as keyword.Google is showing that domain in top 3 with just one page content. However, its same for Hindi IDN what it was for internet in 1994. People who have Hindi keyboard will prefer to type .कॉम but not .com. That was my point.We need at least couple of in alexa top 10000 if it not happens probably .भारत will take over as hindi IDN extension. That's my fear.