What to expect in new social network from Google.

There are a lot of buzz that Google is building a a new social network “Google Me” to counter Facebook.Since 500 million people are on Facebook,there are little incentive for users to make a switch.What Google can possibly do to make the switch? PC World, has a story on it. Highlights from the article.

  • Before Google Me – Orkut,Buzz and Wave – These services haven’t managed to reach critical mass but some of their features may be part of Google Me.
  • Privacy – Facebook users have a lot of privacy concern, Google can address it.
  • Games,Gifts and Third-Party Apps
  • Finding your niche – Article suggests to start with Google Me will have to cater a niche and initially even Facebook catered for American college.
  • More user control – More user control to personalize it.

Read complete article on PCWorld.

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