Convert webpage,doc,docx,xls or anything to PDF using PDFcreator virtual printer

There are numerous tool available online and offline to convert a particular type of document to PDF.People love PDF because it give sense of inactive document.Also, it is easy to carry PDF for reading purpose.I convert a lot of web pages to PDF just to carry it in my USB drive for printing purpose.

PDFcreator is an open source virtual printer which converts  anything like webpage,doc,docx, xls,text file to PDF.It installs as a virtual printer.So if you want to convert a something to PDF all you need to print it using PDFcreator virtual printer

How to procure and install PDFcreator

You can get the software from source forge, .Download the software,you will need to have administrative privilege to install it.Also, if you choose all default settings at install time, besides installing PDFcreator virtual printer installer, it also installs PDFForge toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox.PDFforgetoolbar also redirects all 404 error pages and DNS error to I don’t like it,so you may choose to deselect these add-on install at the install time.


  • start installer, first screen is “choose language” – default is English
  • Next screen - “welcome to PDFcreator setup wizard”,click next
  • Next screen - “License Agreement”
  • Next screen - “Type of Installation” – leave default, Standard Installation
  • Next screen - “Printer name” – leave default
  • Next screen “Select Destination Location”, by default it is c:\program files\PDFCreator, modify it if you want.
  • Next Screen - “PDFcreator Browser Add on” - “Set Yahoo! as my default search engine and notify me of changes” is checked.Uncheck it.Please refer image


  • Next screen - “Select Components” - “PDFCreator browser add on for Internet explorer and Firefox” checked, Uncheck it.Please refer image


  • You may choose default setting on subsequent screens.
  • PDFCreator will be installed as a printer named “PDFCReator” and you can access it from any program using “print” menu.

print driver

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