Broadband in Bihar and Jharkhand a nightmare.

There are lack of internet penetration in Bihar and Jharkhand. Major problem is high internet cost and very unreliable services.Even for people who want to pay the premium the services are highly unreliable.

BSNL Broad band in Bihar and Jharkhand : BSNL is national broadband ISP which provides broadband services using DSL technology.While I used to stay in Gurgaon,I found BSNL DSL services were excellent there.While in Patna, BSNL is good when it works.Sometime 3-4 day outage in not uncommon.If you want to build a business around web like blogging or website building it hurts.

Worldphone of Sify connection using franchises in Bihar and Jharkhand :  Worldphone and Sify provides broadband services by their franchises.They provide service using two modes, first by RJ45 cable from their location to your computer or by installing a wireless device at the roof of your building and pulling a RJ45 cable from aforesaid device to your computer.Installation charges in either case is high.I used service from worldphone using one of their franchise and service was horrible.For most part of the day their was no or very low connectivity.

MTS Mblaze Mobile broadband in Bihar and Jharkhand – MTS has launched a service based on CDMA network which they claim can attain a download speed upto 3.1 Mbps.Entry level device cost is around 2000 Rs and unlimited fair use based plan is 999 Rs per month.I recently used this service at Ranchi.It was horrible experience.Service was disconnecting every other minute.Customer care had satisfactory explanation of the situation.

Tata Indicom Photon plus mobile Broadband in Bihar and Jharkhand : It is CDMA based technology. One has to buy USB based access device from Tata Indicom.There plans are costly and your mileage may vary.if you are in area where they have good coverage(signal strength) your connection will be good and reliable.I know a person who is satisfied with their service at Patna.

Their are few other options also.But in General its tough to get affordable and reliable Broadband connection in Bihar and Jharkhand.

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