Why I don’t support liquor ban.

Gujarat and Bihar have enforced liquor ban.UP and Jharkhand government thinking of measures to do so.I am big supporter of Nitish Kumar but do believe decision of liquor ban has been taken without discussion. Governments argue that people get indulged in alcohol drinking to commit crimes.My argument is that state should preach and reinforce responsible drinking not ban alcohol.
  • Developed countries like USA has strict law for driving under influence. I know a case where an Indian techie was caught driving after more than permitted level alcohol . he did spend more than 10000 USD in legal fees and was went to court for more than 6 months.I don’t know if was sent to jail or not.
  • There are news from Gujarat and Bihar that young students were caught consuming alcohol. In these states people are still getting alcohol but they pay 4 to 5 times of retail price.When ever government brings legislation where one more inspector raj, are there to enforce such law, it will create black market.And these funding can be used by say Naxalite.
  • Excessive use of procreation activities between couples may lead to population disaster. To control that government don’t ban procreation activities but promote “parivar niyojan aka family planning”
  • Similarly, if respective governments feel that they don’t have infrastructure to monitor responsible drinking, they may ban hard drinks but should allow Wine and Beer sales in respective states.
  • While I was in USA, I used to go to dance floor and used to dance for 2-3 hour after couple of drinks. It used to be excellent energy burner.Also, concentration level at work place used to be high for 2 weeks or so.I don’t have statistical data to prove this but this is my experience.
  • Also, by banning alcohol, governments are trying to create spiritual society, while I am in favour of materialistic society.
  • Human being should be allowed to have some pleasures in life. And if, alcohol consumption is monitored and regulated, it would serve it purpose.

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