How UP can lead India to knowledge based economy.

BJP has won UP assembly poll by huge margin, Yogi Adityanath has started office on war footing. In manifesto, BJP has announced that UP government would distribute free laptop and 1 Gb data connection with it. If this program is implemented in right way, UP may lead India to knowledge based economy.I have a few suggestions in this regard.
  • Laptop should have AMD processor instead of Intel. This will save money.
  • Money saved in processor should be used to provide as big hard drive as possible.Hard disk capacity of distributed laptop should be at least 512 Gb, preferably 1 Terabyte.
  • I assume laptop would have some sort of Microsoft Windows operating system. It will take some time when Linux will be at par with Windows.For time being its alright.
  • The laptops should have Libreoffice as office suite as it is free and open source. Features of Libreoffice are suffice for more than 99% of users who use Microsoft Office.
  • The laptops should also have photo editing open source application GIMP installed on machines. GIMP is open source and free application instead of Photoshop.
  • The laptops should have Wikipedia installed on it.
  • Students from 5th class should try to learn shell programming. To make this happen complete install of Cygwin should be available on the laptops.
  • The laptops should have free and open source text editor Notepad++ installed.Notepad++ have a lot of features including regular expressions.
  • Laptops should have XAMPP installed. Students should be encourged to learn PHP and Mysql. So, e-books should be provided to do so.Students from class 8 should be encouraged to learn PHP and Mysql.
  • Laptops should also Java installed on it.e-books for Java should be provided as well.Students from class 11th should be encouraged to learn Java.
  • Laptops should have open source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) Eclipse installed with plug-in for Java and PHP.
  • Laptop should also have Open Live Writer installed. It is a desktop blogging tool and supports Wordpress as well as Blogger.
  • There should be e-book to configure Blogger with own domain name and putting Google Adsense on it.
  • E-books should also be available on laptop to provide information about Internet Marketing and various affiliate programs.
  • E-books should also introduce students about internet real estate aka Domain Names and how to make money from it.
  • Laptops should also have all free books like Gita, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Premchand’s work etc so that students may read it in free time.
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I am sure the change will get reflected in UP economy within 2 years if laptop distribution is done in right way. What’s your opinion? Feel free to add more meat to it.

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  1. Addendum : I believe Cygwin also have c and C++ compiler, Although I have never used it.