Atma (soul), Heaven, Hell and Rebirth

I have written before that when I was hospitalized in CIP Ranchi in November 2016, I didn’t sleep for about 3.5 months and all my biological functions were normal.During that period God was influencing my intelligence, imagination and thoughts. That led to many conversations (basically thinking for right answer).Based on that I am writing about Atma (soul), Heaven, Hell and Rebirth.
Gita says Atma(soul) is immortal and after death Atma (soul) changes body,like we human change clothes. There is more to this, There are Heaven and Hell, most likely they are some kind of planets.God has some extraordinary advanced BioTechnology lab by which he can create a living creature by giving body to a soul (in heaven and hell or first creatures of a species on earth) or sending the soul to earth by reproduction activity of male and female of a species. So my take is that there might be some advancement in species by evolution but most of the creatures were created on earth by GOD. Think about this if all species were created gradually from simple amoeba then how come for each evolved species there were male and female,that got created around same time.
God can also create Soul (Atma) but once created  a Soul never dies.Soul is some kind of light wave.When someone dies soul leaves body to God’s factory. It is preserved in some kind of photovoltaic cell. Account department of GOD does review karma done by soul’s body on earth, then three things happen. First, God is convinced that soul’s body had good karma, then that soul is allotted a body and sent to Heaven. Second, God is convinced that soul’s body has no chance of reform, that soul also get a body and sent to Hell. Third,If there is chance to reform that soul is sent back to earth by reproduction of a male and female.
Also I am sure that human being are special species created by God, human beings are always get human body. I am not sure about other creatures.
Reproduction doesn't happen in Heaven or Hell.Sex is only for pleasure there. Also there is no disease in Heaven. In next post I will write why God decided to send Avatar at this time, and what expectations God has from this Avatar.

  Added Later - So, in heaven and hell no one dies. Also there is always a reproductive way for all species on earth, even for trees and plants. Some day, earth will have all character of heaven, I will deal it later.


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