What happened after 28th Feb, 2018

On Feb 28,2018 I was staying in maternal uncle place in Patna, and was posting tweets about Narendra Modi’s conspiracy against Nitish Kumar. One of the post was https://twitter.com/hifivc/status/968528078124105728
On 29th of Feb,2018 father reached Patna from Ranchi at night and stayed in our flat in Patna. We had chat on mobile and he said he would visit me at Mamu’s place. https://twitter.com/hifivc/status/969131402062053378
I was staying at Mamu’s place on 1st of March,2018.On 1st March Mamu told me that I may visit market and bring oranges and apples.I went fruit market which was about 200 meters away from Mamu’s home.When I returned father had already arrived in Mamu’s home.Father did bring grapes while I went to buy fruits. After I entered drawing cum dinning room, saw father seating at sofa and mamu seating on bed.Mami brought washed grapes(About 400 grams to 500 grams).Father requested mamu to take the grapes, mamu replied as he had diabetes he wouldn't eat it,and he slept on bed.Then Father requested me to take grapes.I saw strange body language of mamu and father so I refused it as well.After that I posted https://twitter.com/hifivc/status/969155294952484865
I did post (twiitter) on 2nd March,2018 (IST) about Nitish Kumar was blackmailed and firewalled by Narendra Modi. http://hi.fi.vc/2018/03/some-events-that-proves-nitish-kumar-is.html. 2nd March 2018 was occasion of Holi.In evening father and I visited uncle’s place and exchanged color.Then we returned to mamu’s place..Everybody were cool and calm.Next day 3rd March,2018 was my younger brother’s birthday(Ranjan Bhushan).I wake up early so was father.Father said he would send a message to  Ranjan Bhushan.I said I wouldn’t do that.Father was most likely threatened, and he started saying that we(father and me) should visit a psychiatrist locally (In Patna). It was very obvious that he wanted me to get admitted to a psychiatrist facility.So I bolted the door of the room and was trying to gain attention of twitter audience.On 4th of March,2018 (IST) bolt of room was broken.There were 3 guys from http://www.hitaishihome.co.in/Hitaishi-Happiness-Home-Contact-Us.html (Hitaishi Happiness Home). Resistance would had futile,so I replied take me where you would want me to go.On the way I just said “Be afraid of God not Modi!”. I also asked if father was not coming with us for formalities. They replied that he would come in a different vehicle.None of my father or guardian came.
The guys took me to First facility(D-15, Main Road, Buddha Colony, Patna BIHAR ). There was a staff named Jai, he asked me If I would need anything like cigarettes or alcohol (alcohol is banned in Patna).This was a strange question at a psychiatric facility or de-addiction centre. I asked them to show my bed Jai pointed a bed in common room.I replied I need the bed that was being allocated.He replied bed would  be allocated after I took food.I was more interested in finding if water in a bottle could had been poisoned. Once I was sure that a bottle of water was not poisoned, I consumed it as needed.I didn’t eat anything  first day (4th March, 2018).Later I was given a bed.Next day (5th of March,2018) one of the staff had two breakfast food for 2 patients in his hand.One of that was my neighbour.I requested to give me a random plate to  me.Same day Jai brought a notebook and asked me to sign me.I asked him what that was.He replied that is list of clothes that was sent by my guardians and I need to sign on the notebook as proof.I asked him where are the cloths.He show some of them.I asked him why underwear and baniyan were missing.He replied I should just sign and they will send request to my guardians  for remaining cloths.I refused to sign.He asked me why.I replied that,  It was forced hospitalization and I won’t leave any evidence that may be taken as voluntary hospitalization.
6th March, 2018 was also passed with same routine as 5th of March,2018.On 7th of March,2018 Counsellor Ms Amrita called me and Jai accompanied me with to her.She asked me why I was not signing  the notebook.I explained what had wrote above.She instructed Jai to hand over the cloths to me even If I was signing the notebook.I also told Ms. Amrita about cloths that were missing. She told me that more cloths would be procured from my home.Even when second time cloths came from home, Jai and one more staff was bullying me and asked me to sign for it as proof of receipt. I refused and again I was given cloths without signing.
I am not sure if hospitalization was done on 7th March 2018, or in back date 4th March 2018.But there was real threat of just poisoning me in Hitaishi Happiness Home and shifting body to place where father was staying. Narendra Modi was the guy in background.Father was threatened and got sleep disorder.When father called me he was in Mumbai (at younger brother’s place) for treatment of Insomnia.
After I was formally admitted things became better.On 27th Of March I was shifted to B-48, Road No. 3, Polic Colony, Anishabad, Patna (BIHAR), facility.Father returned to Patna from Mumbai on 2nd May 2018.I was discharged from the facility on 8th May 2018.
These incidents show that Narendra Modi was trying, political assassination of Nitish Kumar. And killing me as well.
Foot Note :
If anything happens to me like hospitalization or being killed,Naredra Modi will be responsible.Also, if any well wishers from India gets killed Narendra Modi be ressponsible.

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